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Multi-Factor Authentication Wording Update is Live!

 JumpCloud has gone live with the MFA wording update as of 7/7, so your end users should now see the changes. This knowledge base article should give the best run down if you'd like a deeper dive. We really appreciate all the feedback we were given i...

JC Messaging Update Live.png
KMason by JumpCloud Employee
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JumpCloud API with HR & Asset Management

I'm not sure how to start this, but I wanted to talk about what we're doing internally with HR & Asset Management, how it started, evolved, and where it is now. Hopefully this will spark a conversation about what you're doing and how you got there.Ba...

steven by Rising Star II
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I recently discovered I may have done everything backwards. I will be migrating our users from AD to Jumpcloud and already created the accounts and installed the agent on machines. Can I still run the ADMU and continue migration or should I delete ev...

Welcome to Groups

We've just published a new article about how JumpCloud groups can benefit you.  Read about what groups can do for you with attribute-base access control, integrations for rapid user onboarding, and zero trust security controls. The days of perimeter-...

JCDavid by Rising Star II
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Tutorial Ideas

I am working on creating a list of tutorials for things that are not specifically "JumpCloud" related. But more or less JumpCloud adjacent. For instance, one tutorial I was looking at was setting up a custom repo for software management. Let me know ...

Mac JumpCloudService account App Failed (Solved)

Hi Community! Still had quite a few Macs with "Need attention" status after failed attempts running the create service account app introduced in latest agent update.After some trial and error I realized that somewhere on the way the affected users to...

Fulgubbe by Novitiate III
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You Don't Need AD to have a File Server

You can't understate the importance of file servers for many SMEs. My own company (several years back) worked off of a few shared drives (for years) and that workflow was embedded in the company. We invested considerable time to get the permissions r...

JCDavid by Rising Star II
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Random Lockouts

We've been having repeated issues with people getting locked out of their computers, except they haven't been trying to login.  In most cases they've tried to log into their computer once or twice then they get a message saying they've been locked ou...

jaggrey by Novitiate II
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