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IT Hour | 20.Jan.2023 Password Manager

Community Update NVergin:  macOS Ventura "Update Apple ID Settings" Notification IssueUpcoming “Ask Me Anything” Webinar on Jan 26 (Tom & Joel): Link to community: h...

The IT Hour | 16.Dec.2022 Wrap Up and Our Favorite Things

Community Update KEITH! [Script] Add a Printer to macOS devices with JumpCloud CommandsChris: CompTIA Cybersecurity TrustmarkShawn: Add a Search shortcut for Support KBs in ChromeLink to community: Link to slack lounge: https...

IT Hour | 06.Jan.2023 IT Resolutions and Cloud Insights

Community Update Shawn: Leverage Content Caching for MacOS Update with Patch mgmt policyIdan: Onboarding Script | Report for each system the users it has and if they are managed Juergen: Winget comes with a PowerShell-Module now (Release Candidate)C...

IT Hour | 02.Dec.2022 Open ID Connect Demo

Open ID Connect (OIDC) Demo Thanks to JumpCloud Senior Product Manager @john_elton for joining us this week to demo OIDCWalk through the steps of configuration and get access to handy links:

IT Hour | 14.Oct.2022 Remote Assist Demo

Remote Assist Demo JumpCloud's @Neeraj07 and @Joranna_Ng reviewed one of JumpCloud latest features - Remote AssistRemote assist is currently in EA but will be going GA in the coming weeksCheck out the episode for the full demo! The audience also had...

IT Hour | 23.Sept.2022 Password Manager Demo

Community Update Link to community: Link to slack lounge: Meetup Update Link to all meetup groups Product Releases New RADIUS Certificates, please check your profiles!New Reports - Patch Management, Use...

IT Hour | 07.October.2022 Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Community Update Welcome new members! Unanswered: printers in a mixed OS environment software management - deploy custom apps on Mac via JC ...

IT Hour | 09.Sept.2022 Apple New Releases

Community Update Juergen posted a script: Install Winget in the System Context and applications via Winget remotely RNHurt just configured SSO for YouTrack and shared how they did it. Krishnan, one of our PMs, gave a quick overview of Radius auth us...

BScott by Community Manager
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The IT Hour | 26.August.2022 Multi Factor Authentication

We had a bit of a hiccup today where I got kicked out of crowdcast and when I went to get back in, it sent us straight to LIVE instead of pre-show greenroom. So we went with it! Instead of deleting that and reuploading the edited show, I'm leaving i...

BScott by Community Manager
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Resolved! The IT Hour | 05.August.2022 Total Cost of Ownership

Community Update Scott Reed: Best practices for using the "Run as User" Recommended Command for Windows & Displaying a Useful ResultShawnshakir:  Windows Zero Touch DeploymentRoto31: Self-Service app for JumpCloud EndpointsCheck out the New PowerShe...

BScott by Community Manager
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The IT Hour | 12.August.2022 IT Sprawl

Community Update @JCDavid  (our super duper guest today), wrote about our Active Directory Integration and documentation. Go take a look!If you’re part of an MSP (or have been), have you been a part of any peer groups? Chris is wondering about that ...

BScott by Community Manager
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The IT Hour | 29.July.22 World SysAdmin Day

Community Update Huge welcome to all of our new viewers today! We are glad to have you and happy World SysAdmin Day.Pam asks Are you still doing backups?Steven would like recommendations on unmanaged web / app hostingIf all goes well, the news feed ...

BScott by Community Manager
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The IT Hour | 22.July.22 ACM Recap

Community Update Saintmode asks How do you manage admin access to user accounts?Marquito asks about user groups inside of user groups Jumpies Award Winners AkitaBox Jumpies entryMiQ Jumpies entryAkitaBox | Best Use Case: AkitaBox uses JumpCloud to s...

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IT Hour | 01.July.2022

My last IT Hour post! I have had a lot of fun hosting The IT Hour and I hope to stay connected to everyone!   Take care! Community Update  At the end of next week (after I’m back from vacation), I’ll add the Core Certification badges. Keep an eye ou...

IT Hour 17.June.2022

  SME IT Trend with Tom BridgeTom comes and joins us on The IT Hour to talk about the SME IT Trend report. A lot of great information about how IT admins are feeling and dealing with their current roles. Check out the full report! Community Update  ...

IT Hour 10.June.2022

Recap Today on The IT Hour, we discussed the amazing new JumpCloud University with Cheyenne and Ella from the learning team. New Core certification badges and even some new advanced programs will soon be launched. We will also be looking to bring ba...

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