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Resolved! Console Page CSP CORS

When attempting to login to the admin console this morning via the jumpcloud admin login I've received the same errors each time regardless of which browser or even workstation I use, this results in a blank console page. Normal troubleshooting such ...

How do I create an account?

Went to https://jumpcloud.com/, then 'get started' created an account, got the email, confirmed the email address, got to a screen where it said my account was being created, then came back to login a couple of days later.  Nothing.  Tried to recover...

Agent Doesn't Check-in for Hours

Hello,I've been using JumpCloud to manage our endpoints for a little over a year.  One thing I've noticed is when a user isn't logged in, the agent only check in every 4-6 hours.  This is sometimes really frustrating when trying to push out changes b...

CartWill by Novitiate I
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JumpCloud Password Manager Suggestions

The company that I work for has been using JCPM for a month or two now, and I have found one thing that would benefit both our admins, and our users. There is no way to enforce company wide settings (policy style) for our JCPM users. As JC is an MDM ...

M365 user's fields

Hi everybody,I am using Jumpcloud since 2 months and I'm syncing JC users to M365.I have seen that the JC "Company" filed is not synced.....is there a change to create a sync also for this field ?And it should be also possible to add 2 more fields to...

Extending machine audiiting

Jumpcloud gathers lots of useful info for auditing our servers and workstations, both directly and via (powershell) commands I trigger, currently some of this is stored in the big freetext field each machines entry has, and some of it is implyed by t...

RESEARCH - We are re-visiting the navigation menus in JumpCloud (information architecture; IA). We want your insights!

We have created an asynchronous card sort activity that you can participate in at your leisure. The activity link can be found below along with an instructional video on how to complete the card sort. The goal of this activity is to understand how yo...