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Seeking feedback on JumpCloud Staged Users and AD Integration

JumpCloud Employee
JumpCloud Employee

Hello community!
If you are using our JumpCloud Active Directory Integration (ADI), specifically both the AD sync and AD import agents, first creating users in JumpCloud, and creating those users in the Staged user state, we would like your input.  If this is you, please read on...

Context: The current flow of a user created in JumpCloud in the Staged user state -> the creation of the user in AD ->  the import of that user back to JumpCloud is problematic. 

Feedback Purpose: We would like your feedback to help us decide which approach we should take for the fix to best meets the needs of most organizations with this configuration.

We would like to understand the following:

  1. Are there use cases for creating a user in AD when they are created in the Staged user state in JumpCloud?  Or, is it only necessary to create the user in AD once the user becomes active in JumpCloud?
  2. If there are use cases,
    1. What are the use cases?
    2. How would you rank the use case(s): critical, important, or nice-to-have?
    3. Based on the use case(s), does creating the user as active in AD with a system-generated password meet the needs of the use case?  Or is there a need to create the user as disabled in AD until their user state is set to active in JumpCloud? 
      1. If the user should be created as disabled, would it be acceptable to provide a configuration option for the JumpCloud AD import agent to override disabling the user in JumpCloud if their user state is staged and their status in AD is disabled?