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SSH Key Rotation

I am curious what your strategy for key rotation looks like? I want to dive into some POC's for key rotations and how we might be able to leverage the SSH management within JC

SAML SSO Integration for Palo Alto HA Authentication

Hi,I Have a problem when using SAML for Authentication with Palo Alto HA environment.(no problem for Firewall Palo Alto standalone)Jumpcloud :1. our Palo Alto is using IP for management, so i create 2 SSO Profile in JC with 2 different IP(we dont hav...

dennycm by Novitiate I
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MacOS and MDM profiles. Can you ever have too many?

I was talking with someone just the other day, then there was a question on slack that made me think of this; but have you ever noticed that no one seems to talk about how granular your macOS MDM policies/profiles can be?Right now, I'm sitting at 20 ...

rlyons by Rising Star I
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When is it time for an MSP or internal IT admin?

I've gotten flack from my tech industry friends by stating that "executives handle IT" at small firms. For insurance, a small family office for financial planning. Type A personalities will onboard new hires themselves, even while working as a financ...

JCDavid by Rising Star II
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Linux server management

Hello,We are a MSP and have been using Jumpcloud to manage remote users successfully. However, need to manage Linux servers hosted in the office and remote users (both Windows and Linux). There is an article from 2014 which says that Jumpcloud can do...

API Managment Tool

Hi Everyone, Thank you in advance for any help and guidence.I am looking for a tool that manages API requests and perhaps a little bit of Automation. I am currently using a lot of Power Automate and this is working really well for me but in terms of ...

Compliance Reporting

An interesting question came up in the Slack lounge and I was thinking about this overnight. How are people using JumpCloud to complete audits? For instance, how does your organization leverage JumpCloud to get through a SOC2 audit? What methods and ...

Checklists Can Avoid IT Disasters

Many IT departments function along the lines of, "I've got that,' where somebody who's experienced in tech "does their thing." That works, until your organization grows and can no longer function without formal processes. It's a difficult transition ...

JCDavid by Rising Star II
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IT as a Strategic Advantage

My previous company grew considerably during the 2008 recession, because my competitors pulled back and pinched pennies while we viewed it as a growth opportunity to do what they weren't doing. The economy may have been in turmoil, but we experienced...

JCDavid by Rising Star II
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Group Management Across an Organization

I'm curious how others are dealing with the issue of trying to organize and manage groups across your organization's IT/business systems.  I'm working on a plan to do a full company-wide review of all the various types of groups across our system to ...

NVergin by Rising Star I
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What would your IT Code of Ethics be? (MacAD UK)

Today, @TomBridge is in London presenting at MacAD UK along with a few other JumpCloudians. In his keynote, Tom is speaking about how his son is learning the outdoor code in scouting and how it got him thinking about an IT Code for IT professionals. ...

BScott by Community Manager
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Onboarding with JumpCloud User Welcome Sheet

Below is an example template for you to customize according to your company's needs. Please confirm all details with your internal departments and your legal professionals.----------------------------Welcome to the new <company name> computing experi...

IT Welcome Sheets Make Onboarding Go Smoothly

  You could have the best team in the world, but you’re just begging for support tickets by throwing new employees to the wolves. It's important for them to have an IT orientation while onboarding, along with a reference, or "welcome" sheet to refer...

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 12.50.27 PM.png
JCDavid by Rising Star II
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Template: Client Analysis/Proposal

This can be adjusted for use as an analysis or proposal for either internal IT Admins and their managers or for MSPs. We are sharing this as a starting point / template. It does not constitute legal advice. Please have your lawyer/legal counsel revie...

What's a Responsibility Matrix?

Activities flowed from our Priority Matrix into a Responsibility Matrix at my previous company. The Responsibility Matrix, or “RM” for short, determined who was involved with a task, whether it was cross functional, and most importantly whether it wa...

JCDavid by Rising Star II
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Template: Password Policy Guidelines

The following document is intended to furnish users with general information and guidance and is not intended to replace or serve as consultation, service, or legal advice.---------------------------------Password Policy GuidelinesUltimately, all use...

IT Testing Rubric

A while back, I created a testing rubric for IT Admins to go through to help when deploying new software or OS updates. Great way to test the OS before allowing the rest of the fleet upgrade. Back then, when I created it, we hadn't launched patch man...

Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 2.21.56 PM.png

A Priority Matrix Makes IT Run Like a Well Oiled Machine

My IT department was driven by tactics and what we believed to be important. Adopting a system made our decisions more defensible and kept us focused on what mattered to the business. IT people are curious and love to solve problems, but working on a...

JCDavid by Rising Star II
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Template: Service Agreement

You may want to consider having an official, legal document such as a service agreement. While this probably won’t be what you and your legal counsel draw up, feel free to use this as a general  template. Use it as a starting point. This does not con...

Master IT Budgeting

Your department may be new to setting its budget or follow what accounting says. You may even be a budgeting veteran who can add a few more pointers. How does your organization decide how to pay for technology and does it work well enough for your te...

JCDavid by Rising Star II
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Template: Sample Account Lockout

Account Lockout PolicyTo restrict the potential for password compromises, we have implemented an account lockout policy. The thresholds and durations for account lockouts are as follows:Admin/Privileged UsersAccounts will be locked after <xx> invalid...

SWOT Analysis Template

SWOT Template For MSPs or IT AdministratorsTeam:Assessed by:What Is a SWOT Analysis?A SWOT analysis will help to identify and analyze the Strengths, Weaknesses of a business/department and the Opportunities and Threats in the external environment tha...

What's in your IT stack?

Our support stack can make or break our success as IT Admins. Here’s a generic stack that I’ve seeded with some examples. What are your go-to, can't live without them, tools in your stack and why? I’ve mostly put Mac-based tools in the list because t...

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