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Setup Kiosk Mode On Windows 10/11

Hey folks, It's been a while and finally I got a little breathing room to share my Friday joy (again) . Kiosk Mode on Windows - on a large scale? and you looking for a way to do it without paying for Intune?   This post will get you covered, please r...

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shawnsong by Rising Star I
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Disabling "Optimizing Your Mac"

We are seeing growing interest to remove the MacOS "Optimizing Your Mac" notifications.Having Google'd I don't see where this is handled, or what policy it relates to.Any ideas?

chrisati by Novitiate II
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Resolved! Enabling Jumpcloud SSO for Microsoft 365

Has anyone made this change? it seems like a big one and I'm not sure if it should be done or not.I'm happy with Jumpcloud and it's pretty heavily configured now but I'm not sure if piping everything through Jumpcloud is going to be good. Has anyone ...

Jhii by Novitiate II
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Setting up SSO for AWS IAM or AWS Identity Center(?)

I know the subject of this post may seem confusing at first, but rest assured, you will leave with a clear understanding of these concepts (hopefully). Keep calm and read on  What are these terms? First thing first - let's clarify AWS IAM and AWS Ide...

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shawnsong by Rising Star I
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HRIS Integration Deep Dive - Onboarding

Hey Folks, (A massive kudos to my colleague @SamMorganJC  for supporting me throughout the process! This post wouldn't have been possible without her invaluable guidance.) Following my post about onboarding users from HRIS to JC, a lot of people have...

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shawnsong by Rising Star I
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The Printer Solutions

Hey folks, Today I wanted to address another topic that I have heard people  ask about quite often - network printers and how to deal with them in a business environment!  Don’t get me wrong, dealing with the printers can still be a bit challenging (...

shawnsong by Rising Star I
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Many instances of jumpcloud-agent-app

I have noticed on one of my server a number of jc processesMy guess is this because of the number of powershell commands I run on my servers and that I don't have the command "exit" at the end of all of them, or could it be something else?


Best practices when you're renewing cyber risk insurance

This is a guest post written by Heather Thornburg from Wade Associates Insurance & Risk Management. I asked Heather to put together some tips after an IT Hour a couple of months ago. They shared 8 Best Practices that Insurance Carriers are looking fo...

BScott by Community Manager
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Getting a non-public phone number into MFA fields

We require our users to use (the products native) MFA to log into google-workspace and microsoft-office-365, this requires the users personal mobile numebr to be put into thier respective consoles to be used for verifcationatm this mean we are having...

Username Schema

Hello!I'm curious what you all are using as your username schema for employees?Our policy is Legal first name + First letter of last name (Example: John Doe would be johnd@). We won't use a nickname / shortened version (Example: Alexander goes by Ale...

steven by Rising Star III
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Backups - question for the group

Remember the days of Full/Differential/Incremental?With everyone moving data storage to the cloud, there is little left on any given user's computer. That said, are folks still doing backups? Is that industry basically dead and gone save for those wh...

Dynatrace SSO - SAML Message not signed

Hello everybody,I want to set up the SSO for Dynatrace. I am dealing with the error, that the SAML Message is not completely signed.Can someone confirme that JumpCloud is only signing specific parts in the SAML Message?

User to Admin Elevation

We’ve been having a discussion in my circle about whether or not to give users admin permissions. In my consulting days, I was regularly asked to do that for the owners of my client companies. They wanted to be able to install their own choices of ap...

Password Manager vs. Password Vault

Quick question time: When you hear the wording Password Manager is it used fairly interchangeably with Password Vault? Do those two terms equate to be the same in your mind; or does Manager seem different from Vault? 

KMason by JumpCloud Alumni
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Active Directory Best Practices

I've been pulling together some old project notes about have arrived at a reasonable start to maintain strong security and avoid configuration issues. Here's the list. Do you have any additional recommendations?Change the default security settings: A...

JCDavid by Rising Star III
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User groups inside User groups

I'm new to jc and would like to know if it's possible to add a user group within another user group. ex: technology group within it support group 1 and support group 2 Thanks

Marquito by Novitiate I
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SSH Key Rotation

I am curious what your strategy for key rotation looks like? I want to dive into some POC's for key rotations and how we might be able to leverage the SSH management within JC

SAML SSO Integration for Palo Alto HA Authentication

Hi,I Have a problem when using SAML for Authentication with Palo Alto HA environment.(no problem for Firewall Palo Alto standalone)Jumpcloud :1. our Palo Alto is using IP for management, so i create 2 SSO Profile in JC with 2 different IP(we dont hav...

dennycm by Novitiate I
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MacOS and MDM profiles. Can you ever have too many?

I was talking with someone just the other day, then there was a question on slack that made me think of this; but have you ever noticed that no one seems to talk about how granular your macOS MDM policies/profiles can be?Right now, I'm sitting at 20 ...

rlyons by Rising Star III
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Linux server management

Hello,We are a MSP and have been using Jumpcloud to manage remote users successfully. However, need to manage Linux servers hosted in the office and remote users (both Windows and Linux). There is an article from 2014 which says that Jumpcloud can do...

API Managment Tool

Hi Everyone, Thank you in advance for any help and guidence.I am looking for a tool that manages API requests and perhaps a little bit of Automation. I am currently using a lot of Power Automate and this is working really well for me but in terms of ...

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