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Tutorial Ideas

I am working on creating a list of tutorials for things that are not specifically "JumpCloud" related. But more or less JumpCloud adjacent. For instance, one tutorial I was looking at was setting up a custom repo for software management. Let me know ...

How to: Report on system last contact within X days

Our team got a question recently about seeing devices with uptime greater than a certain number of days beyond the notifications for devices inactive greater than 7 days. Here's how you can run that report using PowerShell Module. You can find these ...

BScott by Community Manager
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You Don't Need AD to have a File Server

You can't understate the importance of file servers for many SMEs. My own company (several years back) worked off of a few shared drives (for years) and that workflow was embedded in the company. We invested considerable time to get the permissions r...

JCDavid by Rising Star II
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Q2 22 Roadmap Webinar Recap

Hi all,Just a quick share:https://jumpcloud.com/blog/automate-and-scale-it-as-you-growThis post provides a comprehensive overview of what's coming to JumpCloud.-d

JCDavid by Rising Star II
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