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Resolved! Culling the commands log

I use the commands a lot for checking disk space, certficates and 101 other jobs, this has left me with a log in JC of over 18,000 items.What methods have you found for culling the logs of the old (and the successfull) so that all I am left with is b...

Resolved! SMS for MFA ?

I have had a user ask, why should I have to use a MFA app for Jumpcloud, why can't they do it by text/sms message like Microsoft or Google?What is the official answer?  

Automation on user groups

In our previous post, we discussed how users could be added or removed from a group based on  suggestions. This approach works well on groups that are used for admin privileges on a device or a custom role that needs to be provisioned for an applicat...

rnayakjc by JumpCloud Alumni
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Resolved! SSO for the community forum

Given jumpclouds the king of SSO, why do we have to have a seperate username/password for this forum?Also, the password reset box will take passwords over 20 characters long, and the login box...doesn't EDIT: I have found the automatic login switch i...

LDAP & FortiAuthenticator

Hi EveryoneJust wondering is anyone using JC LDAP directory with a Fortinet FortiAuthenticator? I have got JC LDAP working with a Fortigate but the configuration for the FortiAuthenticator is very different. I can get users to sync / auth but its not...

Benefits of group membership suggestions

Attribute-Driven Groups enable administrators to employ user attribute value conditions to govern the membership of user groups. ​​​​​This is instrumental in ensuring only the right users get authorized to a resource via being added to or removed fro...

rnayakjc by JumpCloud Alumni
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Extending machine audiiting

Jumpcloud gathers lots of useful info for auditing our servers and workstations, both directly and via (powershell) commands I trigger, currently some of this is stored in the big freetext field each machines entry has, and some of it is implyed by t...

Resolved! Integrating jump cloud logs to SIEM

Hello All,I was wondering if anyone has integrated JumpCloud Directory Insight in Sumo Logic and could share any tips.There is one way of integration and that is using aws serverless application. If anyone has done this before using different API col...

Charms20 by Novitiate II
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RESEARCH - We are re-visiting the navigation menus in JumpCloud (information architecture; IA). We want your insights!

We have created an asynchronous card sort activity that you can participate in at your leisure. The activity link can be found below along with an instructional video on how to complete the card sort. The goal of this activity is to understand how yo...

ADMU Collate Powershell

I am working off this collate script on the ADMU Github. The script runs and downloads the .json files as expected. The error comes during the collation step of the script. Line 56 throws an error:ConvertFrom-Json : Invalid JSON primitive: . At C:\Us...

Patch management issues

HiI'm testing the patch management at the moment but things haven't gone too well.  My requirements were to preinstall a list of choco software onto the machine and to keep it updated.  I'm not expecting a full featured patching system.For the test I...

Would like agent to support Kali

I’m trying to do something hacky. I’m using JumpCloud to help manage a very small high school cybersecurity club in a school that’s socio-economically disadvantaged (Title 1). It’s all volunteer. I know jumphost doesn’t support Kali Linux, but given ...