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IT Hour | 01.July.2022

[insert youtube video]My last IT Hour post! I have had a lot of fun hosting The IT Hour and I hope to stay connected to everyone!   Take care!Community Update At the end of next week (after I’m back from vacation), I’ll add the Core Certification bad...

New: SME IT Trends report for Q2 2022

Have you taken a look at our SME IT Trends Report yet? We talked about some highlights on the IT Hour last Friday, but there's a lot more to discover in the report. Here's some info from the introduction: Because of IT admins’ vital function and unq...

SME Report WP_Twitter_sized.jpg BScott_0-1655849688312.png
BScott by Community Manager
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Are you registered for a meetup this month?

Our June meetup series kicks off today with a virtual event for New York IT admins! But our schedule is packed the next two weeks with both virtual and in-person events. You won't want to miss this month's discussions as we not only continue explorin...

meetup_Linkedin (1).jpg

IT Hour 17.June.2022

 SME IT Trend with Tom BridgeTom comes and joins us on The IT Hour to talk about the SME IT Trend report. A lot of great information about how IT admins are feeling and dealing with their current roles. Check out the full report!Community Update In c...

New badge coming soon.

Yes, that's right! You may have heard a spoiler on the IT Hour 10.June.2022 about a new badge. Well, we've got a preview for you! Go check out Community Updates June 13, 2022 for the info. PS) Ain't it purdy = Isn't it pretty, for those of you who do...

BScott by Community Manager
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IT Hour 10.June.2022

RecapToday on The IT Hour, we discussed the amazing new JumpCloud University with Cheyenne and Ella from the learning team. New Core certification badges and even some new advanced programs will soon be launched. We will also be looking to bring badg...

The Jumpies are live through June 10th

We're so excited to see some new entries go up in the Jumpies awards! There's still plenty of time to get your use case together before the deadline, but don't wait until the last minute. Need more info? Read About the Jumpies and 2022 Jumpies Terms ...

BScott by Community Manager
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The IT Hour 20.May.2022

Community Update Don’t forget that the Jumpies are open and live—you can submit your company’s story  through June 8th.Our design team is asking for some feedback on new features for our devices page, so make sure you take the survey and let them kno...

IT Hour 13.May.22 | Features!

The How to: Enter the JumpCloud Customer Awards is live! Go nominate yourself for the Jumpies awards!   Community Update We have something that just went LIVE on the community this morning and you are the FIRST to hear about it: the JumpCloud Custom...

IT Hour 06.May.2022

ifOnly DemonstrationLuke McFadden demonstrates his ifOnly Make applicationCommunity Update Becky ScottHave you seen the new career spotlight series in the Career Corner? We’re sharing stories from IT admins, asking them 5 questions each about their c...

May the 4th be with you!

Unless you have been living on Tatooine in a ksar and not keeping up with the happenings of the world. Let me explain to you what May the 4th is. May 4, or, "May the 4th Be With You," marks a celebration of all things Star Wars.In 1979, Margaret That...


The IT Hour 29.April.22 | Patch Management (Ubuntu)

 Linux Patch Management 15-20Tom BridgeScott ReedJosh RolandIT Trending Updates “Rapid Fire Round” (Ben/Becky) - 5-10minApple has made $100 billion dollars (ArsTechnica)Apple reported its earnings for Q2 2022 to investors on Thursday. Once again, the...

JumpCloud Feet

So uhm, Highly recommend hopping on the IT Hour crowdcast. If you're snarky at the right time and the community agrees, Mr. @BenGarrison will send you over JumpCloud socks Full Story: During The IT Hour, Ben Garrison said "the mystery prize is afoot"...

JC Feet.jpg
steven by Rising Star II
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What is your weakest skillset?

I know as an IT admin there are many things that are confusing to me. Certificates are always confusing for me as well as Linux. What are your weakest skillsets and what have you done to try and bridge that gap?

IT Hour 22.April.22 | Main Show

Community Update Becky Scott Last call for JumpCloud beta signups, as we’ll probably close that thread at the end of next week. Watch for more from the PMs soon, as they’ll need some info from y’all to enable those betas.Yes, we added an IT Hour sec...

IT Hour 15.Apr.2022 | Unified Endpoint Management

 Community Update  Becky Scott Coming soon: We’re lining up some great career spotlights with some IT professionals that we hope you’ll find interesting and fun. We ask each person 5 questions about their career and it’s really great to see the varie...

How to: Find the most recent messages (work around)

While we're scoping the main feed to allow sorting by most recent messages (comments), I have a workaround for you. I know, it's not ideal to have to go to a different page, but as soon as we can get things sorting on the main page I'll let you know....

BScott by Community Manager
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Welcome to The IT Hour

We're starting a new space for The IT Hour! We will link to the videos and host discussions from each week's live event. Can't make it? Watch the replay. Have a follow up question? Leave it here and tag @BenGarrison for an answer.

BScott by Community Manager
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IT Hour 08.April.22 | Main Show

IT Hot Seat Topics Apple announces dates and details about WWDC 2022 (TechCrunch)Tuesday—June 6 through 10—and confirmed that it will again be an online-only affair.WWDC aims to the latest innovations in iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS while g...

Feature requests for forum?

I didn't see a spot for this so I figured The Lobby (soon to be The Watercooler no doubt) would be the best place to get one rolling. I'd really like to have a collapse button in the conversation. It's rad when a conversation gets rolling but when tw...

chadrick by Novitiate III
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IT Hour - 01.April.2022 (PSO Discussion)

The IT Hour: hosted by JumpCloud Date: April 1st, 2022 Topic: JumpCloud Professional Services The IT Hour hosted by JumpCloud is a community program focused on the life of IT Administrators. With the ever changing IT landscape, having community and p...

Founding Member Badge: How to get it [CLOSED]

Update: Remember how I said "time is limited" at the end of my post? Well, we're out of the launch period now. The ability to earn this badge for new members (who register after May 3, 2022) is closed. On Wednesday, I announced a few recent updates a...

BScott by Community Manager
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Almost a blunder

I manage a silly dedicated game server box for me and my buddies to host games on. We kept getting hundreds of auth requests daily so we decided to change our RDP port. My buddy said he was going to do this and he successfully changed the RDP port. H...

Community News & Info - where to find it

In case you haven't explored the full site yet, or the menu up top, make sure you check out the "Community News" area. That's where this board (The Lobby) lives, but it's also where the "Community News & Info" blog is. Those posts don't show up in yo...

BScott by Community Manager
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Thanos IT Easy Button

If you had the ability to use a Thanos style IT Easy Button that would solve all your IT problems in one snap of the finger, (or press of the button) what would that be? 

Welcome! Introduce yourselves and mingle a bit.

Let's start to get to know everyone and introduce ourselves to each other. I'm going to do a longer post to introduce the community team, but I'll go ahead and get started here to kick things off. You can do your intro however you'd like, but we'd lo...

BScott by Community Manager
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