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IT Hour | 19.May. 2023 Android EMM

Community Update Question: JumpCloud logs to SentinelOne XDRLink to community: to slack lounge: Meetups Update Thanks to everyone who came out this week to the Raleigh meetup! The next event in this...

IT Hour | 12.May.2023 Remote Silent Assist

Community Update JCU: New JCU Course is live! JumpCloud Password ManagerBest practice: Setup Kiosk Mode On Windows 10/11Question: Software Management OptionsBlog: Getting That RecognitionBlog: Managing User Onboarding and Offboarding as an MSPSecuri...

IT Hour | 14.April.2023 Password Manager Updates

Community Update Marquito asks:  add device in device group in agent installation (Windows)Liormaran asks: Commands/Software management depending on User groupBlog:  Staying RelevantBlog: MSP Services PricingNew badges recently: not only new topics,...

IT Hour | 07.April.2023 X World and Push Bomb Mitigation

Community Update Networks: How To: Configure JumpCloud RADIUS and Groups to work with Sonicwall SMA 1000 seriesBest practices: HRIS Integration Deep Dive - OnboardingBlog: How Much Is 5 Minutes Worth?Security: Are Integrated MDM/EMM and IAM Vendors ...

The Best Coworkers: Furry Friends Thread

If you've attended the IT Hour in the last couple of months, you'll probably have met Nona (short for Winona), who I adopted in January. Nona is a lover of fetch, bacon, having her tongue out, and sleeping in the weirdest possible positions. Even tho...

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IT Hour | 24.March.2023 Compliance and Having a Plan

Community News ONE YEAR anniversary approachingPrivate Repository SurveyAndroid EMM - Current Solution & FeaturesPowerShell for the Mac Admin - Part 3: Do You Want To Build A Snowman? | Radical Admin blogTalking to Muggles | Radical Admin blogFixing...

Coming soon: It's an experiment

Coming soon on the home page...we'll have a list of recent blog posts from the Radical Admin blog. Since blog posts don't show up in the main activity feed, we've been looking at ways to bring more visibility when new articles go live. This is an exp...

BScott by Community Manager
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IT Hour | 03.March.2023 Compliance

Community Update Discuss: U.S. National Cybersecurity StrategyQ: One user to multiple devicesQ: Crowdstrike Custom SAML app not (fully) workingDiscuss: What do you think about using AI like ChatGPT in your daily work? Blog: MFA: What’s Holding Up Ad...

Introducing the Radical Admin

We are pleased to announce the Radical Admin blog! If you haven't seen it yet, it's under Leadership > Radical Admin Blog. Make sure you check out @pamlefkowitz's first blog post Radical Admin’s Grand Opening to see what it's all about!  The blog pos...

BScott by Community Manager
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IT Hour | 17.February.2023 Mystery Guest Today

We got the band back together! Today we were joined by @BenGarrison, who filled us in on what he's been up to and added his signature flair to the IT News. Community Update Tom: macOS 13.2.1 Security Update: Challenges and RisksJuergen: Windows: Com...

Community ❤️ Love

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! While it's not a normal IT community holiday, I wanted to take the time to let y'all know how much we appreciate you. No really, I mean it. YOU are what makes working at JumpCloud so awesome. We love what we do becaus...

BScott by Community Manager
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IT Hour | 20.Jan.2023 Password Manager

Community Update NVergin:  macOS Ventura "Update Apple ID Settings" Notification IssueUpcoming “Ask Me Anything” Webinar on Jan 26 (Tom & Joel): Link to community: h...

The IT Hour | 16.Dec.2022 Wrap Up and Our Favorite Things

Community Update KEITH! [Script] Add a Printer to macOS devices with JumpCloud CommandsChris: CompTIA Cybersecurity TrustmarkShawn: Add a Search shortcut for Support KBs in ChromeLink to community: Link to slack lounge: https...

It's time to consolidate a few boards

It looks like we should combine a few boards since they aren't currently super active. Since we weren't sure in the beginning what we'd need, we tried to create what we *thought* might work. Now, after several months, we can see where the posts have ...

BScott by Community Manager
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IT Hour | 06.Jan.2023 IT Resolutions and Cloud Insights

Community Update Shawn: Leverage Content Caching for MacOS Update with Patch mgmt policyIdan: Onboarding Script | Report for each system the users it has and if they are managed Juergen: Winget comes with a PowerShell-Module now (Release Candidate)C...

Happy new year!

  Welcome to 2023, y'all. New year, new budgets! Are you getting back into the swing of things if you had time off? How's that going for you? Tell us what you've got planned this year and whether there's anything you need help with, input on, or add...

BScott by Community Manager
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Our Favorite Things — Holiday Edition 🎁

December is knocking on the door (that's tomorrow, what?!) and with that, let's talk holidays. There are so many things going on during the month! Do you celebrate a holiday that involves exchanging gifts? If so, tell us what's on your wish list this...

BScott by Community Manager
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