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IT Hour | 20.Jan.2023 Password Manager

Community Update NVergin:  macOS Ventura "Update Apple ID Settings" Notification IssueUpcoming “Ask Me Anything” Webinar on Jan 26 (Tom & Joel): Link to community: h...

The IT Hour | 16.Dec.2022 Wrap Up and Our Favorite Things

Community Update KEITH! [Script] Add a Printer to macOS devices with JumpCloud CommandsChris: CompTIA Cybersecurity TrustmarkShawn: Add a Search shortcut for Support KBs in ChromeLink to community: Link to slack lounge: https...

It's time to consolidate a few boards

It looks like we should combine a few boards since they aren't currently super active. Since we weren't sure in the beginning what we'd need, we tried to create what we *thought* might work. Now, after several months, we can see where the posts have ...

BScott by Community Manager
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IT Hour | 06.Jan.2023 IT Resolutions and Cloud Insights

Community Update Shawn: Leverage Content Caching for MacOS Update with Patch mgmt policyIdan: Onboarding Script | Report for each system the users it has and if they are managed Juergen: Winget comes with a PowerShell-Module now (Release Candidate)C...

Happy new year!

  Welcome to 2023, y'all. New year, new budgets! Are you getting back into the swing of things if you had time off? How's that going for you? Tell us what you've got planned this year and whether there's anything you need help with, input on, or add...

BScott by Community Manager
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Our Favorite Things — Holiday Edition 🎁

December is knocking on the door (that's tomorrow, what?!) and with that, let's talk holidays. There are so many things going on during the month! Do you celebrate a holiday that involves exchanging gifts? If so, tell us what's on your wish list this...

BScott by Community Manager
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IT Hour | 02.Dec.2022 Open ID Connect Demo

Open ID Connect (OIDC) Demo Thanks to JumpCloud Senior Product Manager @john_elton for joining us this week to demo OIDCWalk through the steps of configuration and get access to handy links:

Next batch of core certification badges

I'm working on the next batch of core certification badges. If you've gotten your certification since last June, I'm getting badges added to your profiles as we speak. I'm up to the letter K (first name) so give me a bit more time to run through. If ...

BScott by Community Manager
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IT Hour | 18.Nov.2022 Q4 SME IT Trends Report Findings

Q4 SME IT Trends Report Findings Our Principal Strategist, Chase Doelling, took the audience through some of the key findings from our latest SME IT Trends report.Download the report to dive into the details!If any of these trends and statistics are...

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Reminder: verify yourself

A quick reminder that you need to verify your account if you want to get notified when someone replies to your post, or if you want to use subscriptions and stay up to date on, say, the Product News board. How? Go to your settings and then click on "...

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BScott by Community Manager
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Tell the tale of your spookiest security stories, win a prize

In case you didn't see this already in the Slack Lounge, join us tomorrow for the IT Hour, 11:30am ET for our Halloween edition. We'll share scary / spooky security stories in honor of cybersecurity awareness month. We did something similar on SysAdm...

BScott by Community Manager
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You can now use PowerShell code samples

Just in case you missed the blog post, You Have the Power(Shell), I wanted to post here to let you know. The blog goes into more detail about how to add code blocks to your posts, including screen shots. If you run into any issues, though, let me kno...

BScott by Community Manager
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IT Hour | 14.Oct.2022 Remote Assist Demo

Remote Assist Demo JumpCloud's @Neeraj07 and @Joranna_Ng reviewed one of JumpCloud latest features - Remote AssistRemote assist is currently in EA but will be going GA in the coming weeksCheck out the episode for the full demo! The audience also had...

IT Hour | 23.Sept.2022 Password Manager Demo

Community Update Link to community: Link to slack lounge: Meetup Update Link to all meetup groups Product Releases New RADIUS Certificates, please check your profiles!New Reports - Patch Management, Use...

Welcome! Introduce yourselves and mingle a bit.

Let's start to get to know everyone and introduce ourselves to each other. I'm going to do a longer post to introduce the community team, but I'll go ahead and get started here to kick things off. You can do your intro however you'd like, but we'd lo...

BScott by Community Manager
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IT Hour | 07.October.2022 Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Community Update Welcome new members! Unanswered: printers in a mixed OS environment software management - deploy custom apps on Mac via JC ...

IT Hour | 16.Sept.2022 DattoCon Takeaways and MSP Discussion

Community Update  New JC Report - Users to SSO Applications (Thanks, Derek) Nilesh has a question about giving admin access to end users in order to push updates, and I think a few of y’all could help with an answer, so please go and check that one ...

IT Hour | 09.Sept.2022 Apple New Releases

Community Update Juergen posted a script: Install Winget in the System Context and applications via Winget remotely RNHurt just configured SSO for YouTrack and shared how they did it. Krishnan, one of our PMs, gave a quick overview of Radius auth us...

BScott by Community Manager
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DattoCon 22

Hi Everyone,I just got back from DattoCon 22 in Washington DC. What an amazing event it was, my 11th DattoCon and 12th if you count the virtual DattoCon GO, which, as I got the backpack, I very much am.Did you attend the event? What did you think? We...


Coming to DattoCon? Here's your local's guide to DC!

If you're making your way to Washington, DC for this year's DattoCon, come see us at the JumpCloud booth! We'll be talking about how our Open Directory Platform is a great fit for your MSP, and works well with AutoTask. In addition, DC's an incredibl...

TomBridge by Rising Star I
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The IT Hour | 26.August.2022 Multi Factor Authentication

We had a bit of a hiccup today where I got kicked out of crowdcast and when I went to get back in, it sent us straight to LIVE instead of pre-show greenroom. So we went with it! Instead of deleting that and reuploading the edited show, I'm leaving i...

BScott by Community Manager
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Resolved! The IT Hour | 05.August.2022 Total Cost of Ownership

Community Update Scott Reed: Best practices for using the "Run as User" Recommended Command for Windows & Displaying a Useful ResultShawnshakir:  Windows Zero Touch DeploymentRoto31: Self-Service app for JumpCloud EndpointsCheck out the New PowerShe...

BScott by Community Manager
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Employee Monitoring

Hi Everyone,Somebody recently sent me an article around employee monitoring. (link)It explains that monitoring may be doing more harm than good and I'm inclined to agree.Firstly, let me explain what I'm not talking about - I'm not talking about CCTV ...


The IT Hour | 12.August.2022 IT Sprawl

Community Update @JCDavid  (our super duper guest today), wrote about our Active Directory Integration and documentation. Go take a look!If you’re part of an MSP (or have been), have you been a part of any peer groups? Chris is wondering about that ...

BScott by Community Manager
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