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Chrome extension for App quick access

Hello New admin on Jumpcloud, I was use to this extension on Okta which is very useful for user adoption. Is there an equivalent on Jumpcloud for app portal quick access without the obligation to connect on the portal ?Thanks

apronier by Novitiate I
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RESEARCH - We are re-visiting the navigation menus in JumpCloud (information architecture; IA). We want your insights!

We have created an asynchronous card sort activity that you can participate in at your leisure. The activity link can be found below along with an instructional video on how to complete the card sort. The goal of this activity is to understand how yo...

Error connect SSO - Cyberark

Error 404 -  Oh no, it’s dark in here…We can’t seem to find the page you are looking for.Check the URL and your connection. URL error: https://login.epm.cyberark.com/page-not-found

heberrio by Novitiate I
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SAML SSO - Anyconnect Cisco Meraki

Has anyone had any success using Jumpcloud's SAML connector to authenticate to Anyconnect on Cisco Meraki?   When trying to log in I get an error on Anyconnect saying "Authentication failed due to problem navigating to the single sign-on URL." and in...

Tutorial Ideas

I am working on creating a list of tutorials for things that are not specifically "JumpCloud" related. But more or less JumpCloud adjacent. For instance, one tutorial I was looking at was setting up a custom repo for software management. Let me know ...

Using JC SSO to authenticate to AWS Grafana

I figured out how to get JumpCloud SSO working with AWS Grafana managed service, and thought I would make a post outlining the steps I went through to get it working.  This is just worked for me.  I'm open to suggestions for improvements. SSO (JumpCl...

RNHurt by Novitiate III
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You Don't Need AD to have a File Server

You can't understate the importance of file servers for many SMEs. My own company (several years back) worked off of a few shared drives (for years) and that workflow was embedded in the company. We invested considerable time to get the permissions r...

JCDavid by Iron II
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RADIUS Push MFA Authentication

Our Q1 roadmap mentioned that Push MFA for RADIUS was coming. It may sound provincial, but it's all about IT scalability.  How disruptive is it to change passwords for all of your network hardware (i.e. firewalls) when an IT team member departs? RADI...

Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 2.23.00 PM.png
JCDavid by Iron II
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