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Windows Policies: Manage Zoom with a Boom

Happy FridayAfter introducing our ( @shawnsong and myself) PowerShell-based Bulk-Importer for GPO's and Registry-Keys I wanted another validation and did choose Zoom in this case. Read here as well about the construction of this script. Zoom does pro...

Screenshot 2022-12-03 at 07.42.44.png Screenshot 2022-12-03 at 07.45.08.png Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 18.01.22.png Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 18.15.36.png

Resolved! Giving Partial Admin Rights To Users

My company recently deployed jumpcloud for our endpoints and I was wondering if anyone knew of a way through jumpcloud to give partial admin rights to my users.  I do not want my users to reach out to me each time they need the admin password to add/...

blee145 by Novitiate I
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Policies - Where can we do Better and What are your Must-have

Hi there!Many (if not all) of you are using JumpCloud policies to manage your devices. I’m curious to find out:1. What type/category of policies that you like to see more of? It could be policies that we either don’t currently provide or need to furt...

Joranna_Ng by JumpCloud Employee
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macOS Ventura "Update Apple ID Settings" Notification Issue

Posting this for general awareness -As we have been upgrading our systems to Ventura, all of them have started prompting to “Update Apple ID Settings” within System Settings. This would normally involve simply signing back in with the Apple ID used o...

NVergin by Rising Star II
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Understanding Upgrading to macOS 13 Ventura

On 22 January 2023, it will mark 90 days since the release of macOS 13 Ventura. This is important because that marks the end of the Major OS Delay period as prescribed by Apple for delaying the rollout of the new major version. Beginning on the 23rd,...

TomBridge_0-1673538075537.png TomBridge_1-1673538075555.png
TomBridge by Rising Star I
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Session Timeout

There is some way to set session Timeout only for certain logins? I.e. user1 need to do an activity all night long, but I don't want to grant an session on entire Jumpcloud env. Att,

My country

It hard now where I am from for you to have maximum security or network I wonder where all that went I can't wait for 2023 best luck to those of us still believing in the future one love 

Q27merry by Novitiate I
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Getting a non-public phone number into MFA fields

We require our users to use (the products native) MFA to log into google-workspace and microsoft-office-365, this requires the users personal mobile numebr to be put into thier respective consoles to be used for verifcationatm this mean we are having...

Idea and Support Case Portal Testers Wanted! New Feature Coming Soon

We will be launching some more robust ways to request features and view any cases submitted by any administrator within your organization via the Case Portal-coming soon! For now, we are seeking some willing testers to try it out. The Early Access wo...

KMason by JumpCloud Alumni
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Username Schema

Hello!I'm curious what you all are using as your username schema for employees?Our policy is Legal first name + First letter of last name (Example: John Doe would be johnd@). We won't use a nickname / shortened version (Example: Alexander goes by Ale...

steven by Rising Star III
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Backups - question for the group

Remember the days of Full/Differential/Incremental?With everyone moving data storage to the cloud, there is little left on any given user's computer. That said, are folks still doing backups? Is that industry basically dead and gone save for those wh...

Dynatrace SSO - SAML Message not signed

Hello everybody,I want to set up the SSO for Dynatrace. I am dealing with the error, that the SAML Message is not completely signed.Can someone confirme that JumpCloud is only signing specific parts in the SAML Message?

Used Hardware?

Do any of you ever purchase used hardware from places such as eBay or a reseller? Do you have security concerns about it?

JCDavid by Rising Star II
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Security for Switches

Hi all. Beyond port security configurations... I always thought it was important to update firmwares and (now) would enable MFA to access switches. I also improved physical security so that random people couldn't walk up and plug into ports.What do y...

JCDavid by Rising Star II
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JumpCloud Managed Pritunl SSL VPN: Great Security, No Hardware

Hello my friends (and you are my friends),You may have noticed a recent post about integrating SSO and zero trust security with Fortinet. I loved my Fortis are my last job, but realize that some organizations operate within very different budgetary p...

JCDavid_0-1652459110192.png JCDavid_1-1652459110245.png JCDavid_2-1652459110201.png JCDavid_3-1652459110195.png
JCDavid by Rising Star II
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User to Admin Elevation

We’ve been having a discussion in my circle about whether or not to give users admin permissions. In my consulting days, I was regularly asked to do that for the owners of my client companies. They wanted to be able to install their own choices of ap...

Sentinel One and windows 11

I create a command in jumpcloud can install sentinel one on Windows 10 it does not need admin right for it to work.Now SentinelOne tell me that in Windows 11 this no longer the case I find it hard to believe that. But I figure I reach out to ask this...

Franco by Novitiate II
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Windows Zero Days: Consider Mitigations Through Commands

Patch Tuesday has become Zero Day Tuesday ... there are six actively exploited vulnerabilities this week alone. It's not always possible to wait for a patch, or a patch may not be sufficient (recall PrintNightmare, Follina, and MSDT). There was a pra...

JCDavid by Rising Star II
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TOTP Hardware Keys

What TOTP hardware keys are people using in their environment when WebAuthN or Software keys do not meet your needs?

krichard by Novitiate III
  • 9 replies
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macOS Ventura is here!

It's macOS Ventura Launch Day!Apple is releasing macOS 13 Ventura today, and we couldn't be more excited to support it here at JumpCloud! We are not expecting any issues with JumpCloud on macOS Ventura, and in fact, we're excited to support some of i...

Screenshot 2022-10-24 at 9.01.25 AM.png
TomBridge by Rising Star I
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Preparing for macOS 13 Ventura – Important Information

macOS 13 Ventura is right around the corner. JumpCloud is happy to support macOS Ventura on its release day! We’re very excited for this new release of Apple’s flagship platform OS. We have spent the summer preparing for the release of Ventura, and w...

pamlefkowitz_0-1665423991496.png defersettings_OS.png delaymajor_OS.png delaypolicy_OS.png

Remote Assist - Usage & Frequency

Hi there!For those of you who are interested in or are currently using a remote assist solution, I’m curious and interested to find out:When would/do you use remote assist? (Eg, Onboarding a new hire, troubleshooting desktop problems, etc.)How often ...

Joranna_Ng by JumpCloud Employee
  • 39 replies
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