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Private Repository Survey

Hello JC community,We are interested in your thoughts on a potential JumpCloud private repository to host and deploy 3d party (non-store) applications to your devices. To help gauge the general level of interest in this feature, please answer this su...

Android EMM - Current Solution & Features

For those of you who are interested in or are currently using an Android EMM solution, I’m interested to find out: The MDM/EMM vendor that you are using or evaluating to manage your Android devices.What feature(s) do you like from the MDM/EMM vendor?...

Joranna_Ng by JumpCloud Employee
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RESEARCH - We are re-visiting the navigation menus in JumpCloud (information architecture; IA). We want your insights!

We have created an asynchronous card sort activity that you can participate in at your leisure. The activity link can be found below along with an instructional video on how to complete the card sort. The goal of this activity is to understand how yo...

Regarding admin access to end users

 1) Does the jumpcloud agent on end user machine have admin access in backend and is it true in case of all operating systems - Windows/MAC/Linux? assuming that the user is a standard non-admin user on jumpcloud while using any application.2) We obse...

Domain Migration Tools and ADI

It's always good to take a step back and listen to conversations that are happening among your peers. I lurked through Reddit's sysadmin forums yesterday to see what problems people are asking about. One thread had an excellent listing of tools that ...

JCDavid by Rising Star III
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Android Mobility Survey

Your opinion matters! We would love to hear about your needs and thoughts on an Android Mobility Solution. If you can take a few minutes and fill out this survey, it will help us better understand your needs and leverage the valuable insights for our...

Joranna_Ng by JumpCloud Employee
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