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May ’23 JumpShot: MSP Edition

May ’23 JumpShot: MSP Edition The theme for this edition of JumpShot is: expansion. JumpCloud and Google Workspace are better together with a partnership that allows you to expand your offerings. Read on to learn about how JumpCloud for MSPs is expan...

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Take Action, Rapidly, Across Tenants

You might have missed out announcement highlighting something that's very useful for MSPs: the ability to take actions on users and devices across tenants. MSP technicians see all users through a single pane of glass in the Multi-Tenant Portal (MTP) ...

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PSA Integrations

Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions are critical for MSPs as they serve as the central hub where staff members spend a significant amount of their time. It's crucial that these systems always contain accurate and up-to-date information. ...

April ’23 JumpShot: MSP Edition

April ’23 JumpShot: MSP Edition   MSPs face the universal challenge of maintaining productivity for clients and for their operations. JumpCloud is making it even easier to service users from the beginning of their lifecycle through managing credentia...

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Crossing the Great C-Level Barrier

It's no secret: executives can be the biggest obstacle to security, even when they say it's important. The difference is between what affects employees and what impacts them. I recently had a conversation with the founder of a financial planning firm...

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Fighting Shadow IT is a Client Relations Win

We've published a great eBook that guides MSPs to combat shadow IT.  Shadow IT is software or hardware that circumvents established IT practices and services. Usually, it is the result of employees or teams creating workarounds or using alternative s...

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March ’23 JumpShot: MSP Edition

MSP JumpShot This month's JumpShot featured new authentication, compliance, and administrative capabilities that will help your technicians improve clients’ security and assist with audits. These new features deliver stronger passwords, higher integr...

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Implementation Consulting for MSPs

Speaking from personal experience I appreciate that introducing a new product or service into your MSP can be time consuming. The first installation or implementation can be make or break - If it goes well, you may roll out to all of your clients, if...

February ʼ23 JumpShot MSP Partners

February ʼ23 JumpShot  This month's JumpShot previews upcoming user-based workflows. JumpCloud for MSPs will make it possible for technicians to take more actions (on users) from a centralized view and then push changes out into individual organizati...

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Tech Tribe - Peer Groups

Hi Everyone, I've written before about the importance of Peer Groups for MSPs. In fact, you can read what I wrote right here Well, last night I was able to attend a small group that was being held local to me. It was a Tech Tribe regional event and I...


Hi, We are seeing an increasing number of news reports about ransomware. They are usually accompanied by a picture of a man in a hoodie with none ransomware related text behind him, you know the sort.Anyway, what I'm asking is - Is this messaging get...


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! So, here we are at the beginning of another year... I'm confident it will be a great year for MSPs, even with the challenges facing the worldwide economy. IT is running the world now and MSPs are running the IT of the worlds SMEs so...

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CompTIA Cybersecurity Trustmark

New Cybersecurity Initiative for MSPs Interesting news coming in from ChannelPro’s Cybersecurity Online Summit - CompTIA are working on a new cybersecurity initiative for MSPs.    It looks like it will be made up of best practices from NIST, the Cen...


United Kingdom MSP Legislation

Did you see the news? The UK is planning on updating its Network Information Systems (NIS) legislation to bring MSPs into scope and they will become "Critical Service Providers" as far as the rules are concerned. This means that MSPs who fail to pu...


Break Fix to MSP 7 - Additional Revenue Sources

Hi Everyone, Today I thought we would take a look at the additional revenue opportunities that may present themselves. Selling your monthly recurring service is great, but what else can you add to your offering. A few simple ideas are below and these...

What's Holding up MFA for MSPs?

Hi Everyone,We speak about MFA a lot here at JumpCloud and I know MSPs speak about it a lot too. I'm pretty confident that you protect your data internally via MFA, but can you say all of your clients data is protected in the same way?I wrote about i...

Break Fix to MSP 6 - Onboarding

6. Onboarding ClientsHi Again, This week is fun, we have now got our MSP up and running, we are doing a great job of finding new clients and even converting some of our old break-fix clients over. So, what comes next? Well, it’s the onboarding proces...

MSP Podcasts (again)

Hi Everyone,Not so long ago I posted in here about MSP Podcasts and a link to a blog I'd created.Here is a link if you had forgotten -, as I teased in that, Tate Talks is back and episode one ...


Break Fix to MSP 5 - Clients

5. ClientsThanks for joining us again today for episode 5 of the Break-Fix to MSP guide. Today we are going to talk about clients, customers, patrons or whatever you choose to call them. Personally I prefer clients. There are of course two types of c...

Break Fix to MSP 4 - Pricing

4. Pricing Your ServicesSo, you’ve decided you’re going to launch your MSP - this is great news of course, but now you need to begin to consider how you will price your services. In the world of break-fix, this was a fairly straightforward propositio...

Integrating with ConnectWise and Autotask

Integrations are an oft-requested item from customers and prospects of JumpCloud. This is especially true with our Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who use many tools to run their business efficiently. One of the most common tools MSPs use are Profes...

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Break Fix to MSP 3 - MSP Tools

3. Let’s Talk About ToolsWelcome back to this short series about transitioning your business from a break-fix company to becoming an MSP. Today I wanted to discuss the main two tools MSPs use and a little reasoning behind them. It may seem a little l...

Break Fix to MSP 2 - The MSP Mindset

2. The MSP MindsetWelcome back to this short series on the route from break-fix to MSP.  Today I am going to talk briefly about the MSP Mindset and how it differs from that of a break-fix one. Thinking DifferentlyBroadly speaking break fix organizati...


Break Fix to MSP 1 - So, you want to be an MSP?

1. So, you want to be an MSP?You’ve made the first step, you want to become an MSP or maybe you are doing some MSP activities but want to check you’re on the right road to success. I am thrilled to have you here, and hopefully we can go on a journey ...


MSP Podcasts

Do you listen to Podcasts? If so, do you listen to ones for your pleasure or ones that can help you within your business? Or indeed any other reason?I try to listen to as many as I can and find it easier to consume than reading books, although I am t...

MSP Pricing

Hi All,How do you price your MSP services? It's the question as old as time, or at least as old as when the fixed fee system was introduced.I had a think about it recently and even decided to write some things down for the JumpCloud blog?Take a look ...

MSP Peer Groups

Hi Everyone,I was reminded today about MSP peer groups and a short blog I wrote on them a couple of months ago. (MSP Peer Groups)It came about as I was chatting to an MSP today about the value of such a group. There is a bit of a perception that they...

MSP Events

Hi Everyone,I recently created a short blog around MSP events and how to get the most of them. If you want to check that out it's available hereIt got me thinking though, where does the MSP community currently stand with events.CompTIA ChannelCon is ...

When is it time for an MSP or internal IT admin?

I've gotten flack from my tech industry friends by stating that "executives handle IT" at small firms. For insurance, a small family office for financial planning. Type A personalities will onboard new hires themselves, even while working as a financ...

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