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February ʼ23 JumpShot

Iron II
Iron II

This month's JumpShot introduces soon-to-be released automations for entitlement management capabilities that streamline user lifecycle management while strengthening overall identity governance. Reporting has been enhanced to provide greater auditability and visibility into your users. We’ve also introduced enhancements that make it easier for support teams to resolve users’ issues.

New Remote Assist Capabilities

Clipboard Sync and MacOS Permissions Prompt


Remote Assist now features Clipboard Sync, enabling admins to copy and paste content over a remote session on any desktop OS. Additionally, macOS permissions prompts improve the end-user experience for Mac users. 

 [Read Our Remote Assist How-To

Automated Groups in Advanced Identity Lifecycle Management


JumpCloud utilizes smart groups to control access to all of the resources that it connects users to. You can now provide mature entitlement management and strong identity governance by fully automating group memberships. Options for manual processes (group suggestions) remain for admins that prefer a more “hands-on” approach, but it’s now possible to create a true “no-touch” experience to save time and improve security.

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Users to User Groups Report 


This report provides a complete membership list for all user groups managed via the JumpCloud platform. It’s a valuable enhancement to the identity management and password policy capabilities that can be leveraged for multiple tasks.

[Learn About the Report

Identity Management and User DI Events 


Admins now have even greater visibility and details within Directory Insights (DI) for SCIM Identity Management integrations, user creation, and user update events. You can trace and audit user management actions, and troubleshoot more on your own using the detailed error messages provided in failure events.

[Learn More About Directory Insights