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IT Hour | 1 March 2024 | SME IT Trends

We had Tom Bridge join us to give us updates on the latest releases that were discussed in the 2024 Q1 Roadmap Recap. He also went over the SME IT Trends that were polled across several countries. Becky also announced her new role as a member of the...

urvashi by Iron III
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What to expect from JumpCloud in Q1 2024

This is an edited transcript of the 02.02.24 IT Hour Overview Chase Doelling, Principal Strategist at JumpCloud does a recap of the Q1 2024 Product Roadmap, highlighting the main pillars and focus areas of feature development in the upcoming quarter...

urvashi by Iron III
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Help: SSO, Multiple user access to Functional Email Accounts?

I need some guidance on the best approach for managing Multiple User access to Functional Mailboxes. We are in the process of implementing JumpCloud. (Newbie).For Example: We have several Users in the Sales team that need to access sales@company.com ...

Warren by Novitiate I
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Bulk Set Local User Account Names & System Bind

When binding JumpCloud users to devices, it could be the case that the local user account names on devices differ slightly from JumpCloud usernames within the console. Given the case below, John Smith’s JumpCloud user account username does not match ...

Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 8.05.26 AM.png Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 2.19.54 PM.png jworkman_0-1679667323579.png
jworkman by JumpCloud Employee
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Apple Vision Pro Feedback

Yesterday, Apple announced that Vision Pro devices, beginning with a future release of the visionOS operating system, will support enrollment in device managers using User Enrollment with a Managed Apple ID. This will allow organizations to provide s...

TomBridge by Rising Star II
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IT Hour | 23 February 2024 | Device Panels in the Admin Portal

We had Ella Rigoulot from our Education team tell us about what's new in JumpCloud University. She was followed by Isaac Kazin and Rob McGrath to tell us about and demo the UX improvements to the Admin Portal.  Community Update Python - Get a list o...

urvashi by Iron III
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Zero Touch Provisioning with Linux - by Loic B

Hello everyone,  Reposting this amazing how to guide on (almost) zero touch onboarding for Linux by Loic B.  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-we-almost-reached-zero-touch-onboarding-lo%25C3%25AFc-blayo-v2mne/  We appreciate you Loic!  Urvashi

urvashi by Iron III
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Build a Custom HRIS Integration With GoogleSheet

Hi Folks, Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are recharged for the brand new 2024. Reflecting on 2023, one topic frequently comes to mind: user onboarding – it’s my favourite topic actually, yet a universal pain point, regardl...

shawnsong_0-1705650672335.png shawnsong_1-1705650690707.png shawnsong_2-1705650709018.png shawnsong_3-1705650738498.png
shawnsong by Rising Star II
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IT Hour | 16 February 2024 | IT Strategy with Dr. Ken Russell

This week we had a conversation with Ken Russell about IT Strategy, what it means, and how to carve out time to do one. We may have had some technical difficulties along the way but we powered through anyway and were able to give away some prizes ag...

BScott by Community Manager
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Password Manager Extension 2.0

This is an edited transcript of the 01.19.24 IT Hour  Key Takeaways Password Manager Extension 2.0 is scheduled to go GA in the first week of February, offering a completely new user experience, including login, editing, settings, and improvements i...

urvashi by Iron III
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IT Hour | 9 February 2024 | IT in the News

In this episode we chatted about some community and product updates followed by some highlights of IT in the News! We also did giveaways for funniest comments in response to the news we discussed.  Community Update Apple Vision Pro Feedback | Produc...

urvashi by Iron III
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Welcome! Introduce yourselves and mingle a bit.

Let's start to get to know everyone and introduce ourselves to each other. I'm going to do a longer post to introduce the community team, but I'll go ahead and get started here to kick things off. You can do your intro however you'd like, but we'd lo...

BScott by Community Manager
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Billing Only Admin & API Key Updates

This is an edited transcript of the 01.12.24 IT Hour Key Takeaways A new admin role, "Billing Only," has been introduced. This role is designed for finance team members to access and download invoices without having access to other administrative fu...

urvashi by Iron III
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802.11x locked-down ethernet ports

There is a type of hack called "darkvishna" which is where a device smuggled into your building is physically attached to your network therefore bypassing the firewall.New managed switches (we use uniquiti) can support a protocol called 802.11x that ...

Export Device Software Details

Hi everybody,I'd like to know if there is a way and/or script  to export the device software details like list of applications/programs for all devices, instead of exporting it one by one.Thank you,Nikita

nikita by Novitiate I
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Bulk Delete Devices from a CSV

Hello Admins, In this guide, we'll explore how to effectively bulk delete JumpCloud devices from the admin console using a CSV file and JumpCloud PowerShell Module, streamlining your workflow and keeping your systems organized. Why? Efficiency is key...

Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 8.58.02 AM.png Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 9.00.20 AM.png
saifshaik by JumpCloud Employee
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Global Hiring Report

Hi Team! I'm a jumpcloud partner over at Deel, where we specialize in helping people hire and pay candidates regardless of location, and we integrate with JumpCloud!Wanted to share this report about the latest trends in global hiring in case any of y...

Windows MDM Lite Touch Deployment

This is an edited transcript of the 12.5.2024 IT Hour Key Takeaways Hari Rawoola introduced Windows Lite Touch Deployment, which aims to streamline the process of setting up new Windows devices for IT administrators. The primary issue addressed is t...

urvashi by Iron III
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IT Hour | 2 February 2024 | Q1 Product Roadmap Recap

We had Chase Doelling and Tom Bridge come in to do a recap of the Q1 Product Roadmap. You can watch the full webinar here: https://jumpcloud.com/resources/jumpclouds-q1-2024-product-roadmap Community Update Dynamic Groups - Move the Desktops to A Se...

urvashi by Iron III
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