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Report on User Last Logon Events

JumpCloud Directory Insights data contains a wide range of information about organization users, their systems and how they are accessing managed resources. Understanding how to access and use the Directory Insights data can help administrators secur...

jworkman_0-1718907456696.png Screenshot 2024-06-20 at 12.55.33 PM.png
jworkman by JumpCloud Employee
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Chrome extension for App quick access

Hello New admin on Jumpcloud, I was use to this extension on Okta which is very useful for user adoption. Is there an equivalent on Jumpcloud for app portal quick access without the obligation to connect on the portal ?Thanks

apronier by Novitiate I
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Jumpcloud Expert, Paris FR Based

Hello,I am searching a contractor/freelance/advisory company that could assist me on a Jumpcloud migration and setup project (IAM/MDM), mission would be Paris based in a Scale Up environment.Experience/Skills expected on Jumpcloud, Google Workspace, ...

apronier by Novitiate I
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802.1x with MAC Address

I am trying to setup an SSID using IPSK Cisco Meraki. Is this possible with Jumpcloud and if so is there a guide on how to do this?I have standard 802.1x using Radius setup for a different network so know how to configure that I'm just stuck with IPS...

The IT Hour | 14 June 2024 | Roadmap Recap

We had Chase Doelling join us for a recap of the latest roadmap webinar. If you'd like to watch the full webinar you can find it here: https://jumpcloud.com/resources/jumpclouds-q2-2024-product-roadmap. We also now have a Product Roadmap that can be...

urvashi by Community Manager
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Delegated Auth with JumpCloud ADI!

This is an edited transcript of the 05.17.24 IT Hour Overview Sam Morgan, Principal Product Manager, talks about the Delegated Auth with the JumpCloud Active Directory Integration She also talks about some of the UI/UX improvements made to the proce...

urvashi by Community Manager
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HelloIs there any plan to incorporate Privilege Access Management functions to JumpCloud?By this, I mean that, for example, the user needs to check in/check out certain critical roles/privileges.  Unless I am mistaken, this does not exist in JC. We s...

SlimJim by Novitiate II
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New Operators, New Attributes, and all things Dynamic Groups

This is an edited transcript of the IT Hour 05.10.24 Overview  Trevor Wiemann, Product Manager and Tim Song, Software Engineer joined us to talk about the latest on Dynamic User Groups and Dynamic Device GroupsThey did a quick recap of the feature, ...

urvashi by Community Manager
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JumpCloud University Enhancements!

This is an edited transcript of the 05.10.24 IT Hour Overview  Ella Rigoulot from the JumpCloud University team gives an update on the latest improvements to JumpCloud UniversitySign up for access to JumpCloud University here: https://university.jum...

urvashi by Community Manager
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USB-e Blocked on MacoS

This is an edited transcript of the 05.03.24 IT Hour Overview Tom Bridge, Director of Product Management gives us an update on the Microsoft Store Integration and talks about USB blocking for MacOS. He goes into detail about why it wasn’t possible a...

urvashi by Community Manager
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JumpCloud now integrates with AWS AppFabric!

We continue to work with the good folks over at AWS and have now been integrated into their AppFabric service to provide even more visibility into your SSO applications.   AppFabric automatically normalizes disparate SaaS data into a consolidated vie...

chase by JumpCloud Employee
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The IT Hour | 6 June 2024 | Password Manager Updates

We had Himanshu Sharma, Product Manager, join us to talk about all the latest with JumpCloud Password. He also answered questions from the audience.  Community Update How to uninstall unwanted application from Jumpcloud via powershell | Community Sc...

urvashi by Community Manager
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Resolved! export device overview fields

Hi everybody,I'd like to know if there is a way and/or script using Powershell Module to export the device details like Vendor, Model, Serial, ecc... for the whole devices, instead doing and export one by one.Many thanksDario Vernelli  

Announcing the brand new Product Roadmap!

We are thrilled to announce the publication of our brand new product roadmap** for customers! Check It Out Here! You'll need to have a JumpCloud Admin account to access the Roadmap content (free & trial accounts are included)   The roadmap consists ...

Screenshot 2024-06-05 at 9.27.28 PM.png
Nate_Copt by JumpCloud Employee
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Time Based Device Admin - Privilege Elevation With Jira

Hi Folks, I’m buzzing with excitement now that the time-based device admin  is GA - probably the most anticipated feature over the past years.  Here is why I’m thrilled: imagine firing off a Jira request for admin permission -> access granted for a d...

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shawnsong by Rising Star III
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The IT Hour | 31 May 2024 | Technical Issues

Hello hello!  To all those who joined today, thank you for waiting while we did some troubleshooting. Unfortunately we couldn't get Himanshu's audio to work so we're rescheduling password manager updates to next Friday, June 7th. He had lots of infor...

urvashi by Community Manager
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JumpCloud Go-es Beyond Chrome

This is an edited transcript of the 04.19.24 IT Hour Overview  Scott Reed, Senior Product Manager talks about the additional browsers that can now support authentication with JumpCloud Go. He also answers questions from the audience  Transcript  Sco...

urvashi by Community Manager
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USB Blocking with JumpCloud Returns!

JumpCloud is thrilled to announce the return of USB Blocking on macOS, starting today! This crucial technology represents a step forward for JumpCloud through implementing Endpoint Security framework from Apple to provide responsible blocking for sto...

TomBridge_0-1714678366698.png TomBridge_1-1714678385129.png
TomBridge by Rising Star II
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