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Welcome! Introduce yourselves and mingle a bit.

Let's start to get to know everyone and introduce ourselves to each other. I'm going to do a longer post to introduce the community team, but I'll go ahead and get started here to kick things off. You can do your intro however you'd like, but we'd lo...

BScott by Community Manager
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The 100th Episode ft. the Resmo Co-Founders

This Friday, we're making history – with the 100th episode of The IT Hour.Resmo co-founders @serhatcan  and @mustafa will join @BeckyScott, our Head of Community.They'll discuss how JumpCloud's acquisition of Resmo is changing the game for IT profes...

urvashi by Community Manager
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Managing passwords with Identity Federation

This is an edited transcript of the 03.29.24 IT Hour Overview Trevor Wiemann, Product Manager, talks about Identity Federation. He gives an overview of the concept as well as outlines two upcoming features. He also does a demo of the set up and the ...

urvashi by Community Manager
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The IT Hour | 19 April 2024 | JumpCloud Go-es Beyond Chrome

Scott Reed, Product Manager at JumpCloud, joined us to talk about the latest updates to JumpCloud Go.  Community Update So you're ready to disconnect Active Directory? | IT Hour TranscriptCommand to deploy Office retail | Community ScriptsRestart Nu...

urvashi by Community Manager
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Restart Nudge for Macs

Hi all,  Reposing this from a conversation in the JumpCloud Slack Lounge.  "I have a question, but I'm not sure the best place to ask. We want to somehow and gently force our Macs to restart once a week. Our users have a tendency to just close their ...

urvashi by Community Manager
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Lite Touch and OOBE

Hello AllWe've recently used the PPKG file on a USB stick and Ethernet cable plugged into a laptop for lite-touch deployment and has worked well.Im sure many have the same question in that how can we make this zero-touch when shipping new laptop to r...

Command to deploy Office retail

Hello hello,  Reposting this one from the JumpCloud Slack Lounge. Loic B. shared how he deployed Office to his devices via JumpCloud commands:  Command $URL = "https://download.microsoft.com/download/2/7/A/27AF1BE6-DD20-4CB4-B154-EBAB8A7D4A7E/officed...

urvashi by Community Manager
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So you're ready to disconnect Active Directory?

This is an edited transcript of the 03.22.24 IT Hour Overview Rodger Bright, Senior Sales Engineer outlines how to disconnect from Active Directory after migrating users to JumpCloud. He does a demo of the process and answers questions from the audie...

urvashi by Community Manager
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The IT Hour | 12 April 2024 | Microsoft Store Integration!

Josh Roland, Product Manager, joined us to talk about the Microsoft App Store Integration and how it streamlines the software management process for Windows devices! He did a quick demo, told us about some of the upcoming features, and answered ques...

urvashi by Community Manager
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Let's Find the Missing Apps!

Hi Folks, Today, I want to remaster one of my previous works, featuring the recently polished app/software/program focused cmdlet - Get-JCSystemApp (kudos to Joe @jworkman ).   The Problem Now we can easily locate the applications/programs installed ...

shawnsong by Rising Star III
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Does Azure Federation with JumpCloud is possible

Hi Community,I have a scenario that I would like to know if JC can address. Company uses Google Workspace and has 40 E3 licenses that are used by a small group of users.As for now, they have configured federation with GWS & Azure, but the problem is ...

JumpCloud Go Linux Support has arrived!

Linux devices running JumpCloud Agent version 1.180.0 and higher can now leverage JumpCloud Go authentication within Chrome and other Chromium based browsers. The JumpCloud Go Chrome extension must be installed and the Linux host system must have a T...

scott_reed by JumpCloud Employee
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Run a script after a user is bound to a device

Hello everyone,I am looking to find a way to run a command/ script whenever a user is bound to a device.I am trying to add users to a local device group that has R/W access to a folder for Slack updates.I suppose I could create a script that runs onc...

Temporary Elevated Privileges is Here!!!

Today, we are excited to announce that Temporary Elevated Device Privileges is General Availability (GA). As we continue to focus on providing more security focused capabilities, elevated privileges on a device was an easy choice. The ability to have...

dwjohn_0-1711649509630.png dwjohn_1-1711649570174.png dwjohn_2-1711649614152.png
dwjohn by JumpCloud Employee
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Is PICNIC still a thing?

I recently wrote a short article for the MSP-X blog. This is the brainchild of a friend of mine Rick Yates and I'd suggest you take a look at it as it promises to be a great resource for MSPs. Anyway, back to my blog - I wrote about something we used...

G2 Spring ‘24 Reports Are Here!

Hi everyone! See what customers have to say about JumpCloud in the the G2 Spring ‘24 Reports! "With almost just over 2,300 reviews and ratings, verified G2 users found JumpCloud to be a leader across several categories, including mobile device manage...

G2 Badges.png
urvashi by Community Manager
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Federated Authentication is Here!

Today we launched Federated Authentication into General Availability! Configure Google, Entra ID, or Okta as a trusted external Identity Provider (IdP) to allow users to login with these IdPs to access JumpCloud resources. What is it?Federated Authe...

trevorjc_1-1712263047433.png trevorjc_18-1712265832379.png trevorjc_17-1712265771930.gif trevorjc_19-1712266508923.png
trevorjc by JumpCloud Employee
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MSPs and Google Workspace

Hi Everyone, For many years, working for different vendors, I've worked exclusively in Google Workspace. I think it's a great suite of products that lets me get the job done. I know small businesses that use it and large businesses that swear by it. ...


The Past, Present & Future of Android and iOS/iPadOS

OverviewTranscriptIntroductionAndroid Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)Better Together Enterprise (BTE)iOS and iPadOS Device ManagementMobile Device Trust (Roadmap)Q&A This is an edited transcript of the 03.15.24 IT Hour Overview  Sergey Belous, ...

urvashi by Community Manager
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