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New JCU Course is live! JumpCloud Password Manager

  JumpCloud Password Manager    course is now live in JumpCloud University!        In this course you'll learn: Advantages and key features of JumpCloud Password ManagerHow to install, enroll, and navigate the JumpCloud Password Manager on all device...

NStubbs by JumpCloud Employee
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JumpCloud Android EMM is now available!

I’m pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of JumpCloud Android EMM! JumpCloud Android EMM enables IT admins and MSPs to securely select, deploy, and manage Android devices and services throughout their environment. It increases their visi...

Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 3.19.03 PM.png image-20230508-184535.png image-20230508-184630.png image-20230509-183252.png

May ’23 JumpShot: Product Edition

May ’23 JumpShot: Product Edition The watchword for this edition of JumpShot is: better. JumpCloud and Google Workspace are better together. Admins gain a single console for seamless identity, access, and device management for Workspace accounts. Jum...

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JCDavid by Rising Star III
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JumpCloud and Google Workspace

IT admins can deliver better results when they have the freedom to make choices. Enterprise-focused, unilaterally-driver solutions prescribed from one vendor aren’t always what’s best for a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME). Fortunately, Google ...

JCDavid by Rising Star III
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Recent updates to JumpCloud SAML

Here’s a quick note to highlight several recent updates to the SAML engine. We welcome your feedback as you explore these new configuration options. Metadata export via URL Some SAML Service Providers support importing Identity Provider metadata by ...

PublicMetadataURL.png SAMLSubjectNameID.png MultipleACSURLs.png
john_elton by JumpCloud Employee
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Push bombing mitigation

JumpCloud Protect will enforce a limit on concurrent push notification attempts per resource to reduce push bombing or MFA fatigue risks.  User can re-attempt Push MFA for that resource login after the user has approved or denied the transaction or ...

Push_bombing mitigation.png admin_console_settings.png kramachandran_0-1678736967087.png

JumpCloud Reports Various Improvements

Hey JumpCloud Community. Today, I am here to share several improvements to our JumpCloud Reports offering. Some of them are small but I believe they will be valuable in helping to complete tasks and improve efficiency. In any Product Led Growth organ...

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dwjohn by JumpCloud Employee
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Remote Assist: Clipboard sync is now available!

Pleased to announce that Remote Assist now supports "Clipboard Sync" which is the ability to copy and paste content, including text and images, over a remote session You can now copy local content to the remote device and vice versa during a session....

NeerajK by JumpCloud Employee
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New JumpCloud Report - Users to User Groups

Hey JumpCloud Community! Today, we are introducing a new report to the JumpCloud Reports portfolio called Users to User Groups. This report is intended to show user membership across the user groups that an IT Administrator has created within their J...

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dwjohn by JumpCloud Employee
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January ’23 JumpShot: Product Edition

This month's JumpShot featured releases that help MSPs manage devices without friction. Admins in any organization will benefit from passwordless network access, streamlined device provisioning, and enrollment commands with JumpCloud. Several enhance...

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JCDavid by Rising Star III
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Become JumpCloud Core Certified today!

Watch this video and get JumpCloud Core Certified today! This professional development opportunity is a great way to enhance not only your knowledge and skillset, but also your resume. Share your new certification on your networking platforms to cele...

brookscm by JumpCloud Alumni
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