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Remote Assist: Clipboard sync is now available!

Pleased to announce that Remote Assist now supports "Clipboard Sync" which is the ability to copy and paste content, including text and images, over a remote session You can now copy local content to the remote device and vice versa during a session....

NeerajK by JumpCloud Employee
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Resolved! Culling the commands log

I use the commands a lot for checking disk space, certficates and 101 other jobs, this has left me with a log in JC of over 18,000 items.What methods have you found for culling the logs of the old (and the successfull) so that all I am left with is b...

Resolved! SMS for MFA ?

I have had a user ask, why should I have to use a MFA app for Jumpcloud, why can't they do it by text/sms message like Microsoft or Google?What is the official answer?  

New JumpCloud Report - Users to User Groups

Hey JumpCloud Community! Today, we are introducing a new report to the JumpCloud Reports portfolio called Users to User Groups. This report is intended to show user membership across the user groups that an IT Administrator has created within their J...

dwjohn_0-1673967322559.png dwjohn_1-1673967322500.png dwjohn_2-1673967322516.png
dwjohn by JumpCloud Employee
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Hardening Windows Devices with CIS Benchmarks

My colleague Juergen published a guide to hardening Windows using CIS (or Microsoft benchmarks) through JumpCloud's Commands. It was extremely easy to do in three steps: 1) Download the benchmark (CSV) and PS Script from the Hardening Kitty repositor...

Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 3.55.56 PM.png
JCDavid by Rising Star II
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January ’23 JumpShot: Product Edition

This month's JumpShot featured releases that help MSPs manage devices without friction. Admins in any organization will benefit from passwordless network access, streamlined device provisioning, and enrollment commands with JumpCloud. Several enhance...

JCDavid_0-1673621426161.png JCDavid_1-1673621426162.png JCDavid_2-1673621426204.png JCDavid_3-1673621426163.png
JCDavid by Rising Star II
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Automation on user groups

In our previous post, we discussed how users could be added or removed from a group based on  suggestions. This approach works well on groups that are used for admin privileges on a device or a custom role that needs to be provisioned for an applicat...

rnayakjc by JumpCloud Alumni
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Become JumpCloud Core Certified today!

Watch this video and get JumpCloud Core Certified today! This professional development opportunity is a great way to enhance not only your knowledge and skillset, but also your resume. Share your new certification on your networking platforms to cele...

brookscm by JumpCloud Alumni
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Remote Assist: Multi-Monitor Support is now available!

We are pleased to announce that support for multiple monitors is now available with Remote Assist.  When you start a remote session with a device connected to multiple monitors, the session connects to the primary display by default. You can switch b...

multi monitor.png
NeerajK by JumpCloud Employee
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Resolved! SSO for the community forum

Given jumpclouds the king of SSO, why do we have to have a seperate username/password for this forum?Also, the password reset box will take passwords over 20 characters long, and the login box...doesn't EDIT: I have found the automatic login switch i...

LDAP & FortiAuthenticator

Hi EveryoneJust wondering is anyone using JC LDAP directory with a Fortinet FortiAuthenticator? I have got JC LDAP working with a Fortigate but the configuration for the FortiAuthenticator is very different. I can get users to sync / auth but its not...

License M365 Users Through a JumpCloud Group

It's possible to assign free M365 licenses to users by adding them to a JumpCloud group. There's some backend work in Azure Active Directory (AAD), but a group can be created in JumpCloud and bound to AAD for licensing. One catch: Microsoft requires ...

Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 8.31.49 AM.png Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 8.31.59 AM.png Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 8.34.45 AM.png
JCDavid by Rising Star II
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