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Resolved! Console Page CSP CORS

When attempting to login to the admin console this morning via the jumpcloud admin login I've received the same errors each time regardless of which browser or even workstation I use, this results in a blank console page. Normal troubleshooting such ...

Background Tools Not Connecting

Hi guys, im having a issue with Background Tools, im trying to connect to any of my devices but when it goes 2/4 it says 'Oops! Something went wrong.Failed to connect to the device. This might be due to a network issue, or because the device is tempo...

TecX by Novitiate I
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USB Blocking with JumpCloud Returns!

JumpCloud is thrilled to announce the return of USB Blocking on macOS, starting today! This crucial technology represents a step forward for JumpCloud through implementing Endpoint Security framework from Apple to provide responsible blocking for sto...

TomBridge_0-1714678366698.png TomBridge_1-1714678385129.png
TomBridge by Rising Star II
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Lite Touch and OOBE

Hello AllWe've recently used the PPKG file on a USB stick and Ethernet cable plugged into a laptop for lite-touch deployment and has worked well.Im sure many have the same question in that how can we make this zero-touch when shipping new laptop to r...

JumpCloud Go Linux Support has arrived!

Linux devices running JumpCloud Agent version 1.180.0 and higher can now leverage JumpCloud Go authentication within Chrome and other Chromium based browsers. The JumpCloud Go Chrome extension must be installed and the Linux host system must have a T...

scott_reed by JumpCloud Employee
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Temporary Elevated Privileges is Here!!!

Today, we are excited to announce that Temporary Elevated Device Privileges is General Availability (GA). As we continue to focus on providing more security focused capabilities, elevated privileges on a device was an easy choice. The ability to have...

dwjohn_0-1711649509630.png dwjohn_1-1711649570174.png dwjohn_2-1711649614152.png
dwjohn by JumpCloud Employee
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Federated Authentication is Here!

Today we launched Federated Authentication into General Availability! Configure Google, Entra ID, or Okta as a trusted external Identity Provider (IdP) to allow users to login with these IdPs to access JumpCloud resources. What is it?Federated Authe...

trevorjc_1-1712263047433.png trevorjc_18-1712265832379.png trevorjc_17-1712265771930.gif trevorjc_19-1712266508923.png
trevorjc by JumpCloud Employee
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Introducing the new Device Full Page Experience

Yesterday we released the redesign of one of the most important pages in the JumpCloud Admin Portal: the Device Page. Admins who use JumpCloud to manage their device fleets will now be greeted by a new full-page view that brings experience enhancemen...

robmcgrath_0-1711562343540.png robmcgrath_1-1711562395726.png robmcgrath_2-1711562448359.png robmcgrath_3-1711562454940.png
robmcgrath by JumpCloud Employee
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Apple Vision Pro Feedback

Yesterday, Apple announced that Vision Pro devices, beginning with a future release of the visionOS operating system, will support enrollment in device managers using User Enrollment with a Managed Apple ID. This will allow organizations to provide s...

TomBridge by Rising Star II
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Firefox support released for JumpCloud Go!

End users can now take advantage of JumpCloud Go authentication within the Firefox browser.  The JumpCloud Go Firefox browser extension must be installed in order for end users to see the option to log in with JumpCloud Go.  Link to Firefox Extension...

scott_reed by JumpCloud Employee
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Your inputs wanted on device health monitoring

Hi there! We're exploring the development of a device health monitoring and alerting solution. This tool would help you keep track of your device's performance, posture, potential issues, and provide alerts when attention is needed. I are super inter...

NeerajK by JumpCloud Employee
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macOS Patch Notification Feedback Requested!

Beginning with the adoption of DDM, we can use a new Apple framework to signal updates to devices and enforce their adoption. It uses the user's local date and time to establish a deadline (5pm next Friday, 10pm on Tuesday, etc etc) for a specific ve...

TomBridge by Rising Star II
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Error with API Call in Python

Hi Everyone I'm having an issue with using a Jumpcloud call API in Python.  I'm trying to extract from our Jumpcloud devices list, the serial number and OS version.  After this I will do an API Call to Jira assets to update The OS Version where the s...

JPitson by Novitiate I
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PowerShell Script failing to run

Hello AllJust hoping someone may be able to help on this script I'm running. Ive got a script to run an MSI installer and I am trying to add the before the MSI runs, Ive tested the lines below and it works in my test environment but when loading into...

Resolved! Second Factor

Good day,Can JumpCloud be configured as a secondary factor only?Duo is offering (https://duo.com/docs/radius-duo-only), does JC support this auth model?Thanks all!

ang by Novitiate I
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