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Check out our collection of JumpCloud Demo Walkthroughs, a series of tutorials to help you learn how (and why) the JumpCloud Directory Platform works.
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Your One-Stop Shop for VMs

The best way to optimize your free trial is to fully test out all the features and capabilities you’re interested in. This is best done in a development environment, where you can play around without ...


User Sync with Google Workspace

Google provides optionality in how its customers manage users and endpoints. In fact, it recommends JumpCloud for organizations that are migrating from a standalone Active Directory instance.  JumpClo...


Creating Users 101

Populating JumpCloud’s Open Directory will help you understand how it will work for you. Identities can be provisioned from many sources like Active Directory, human resources (HRIS) systems, and even...


Adding Devices 101

Populating JumpCloud’s open directory will help you understand how it will work for you. Creating devices can work by distributing an agent to a target device (or group of devices), or through MDM pro...


Creating Groups 101

You can create a group in a few simple steps (even dynamic ones!). Automation sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. It will save you and your team a lot of time and help to achieve security that’s ...


Add MFA to a JumpCloud User

Many platforms require different components or add-ons so that MFA will be available to secure all of your resources. JumpCloud is different.  Through the JumpCloud open directory platform, MFA can be...

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