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Check out our collection of JumpCloud Demo Walkthroughs, a series of tutorials to help you learn how (and why) the JumpCloud Directory Platform works.
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Using the Application Repository

Admins have wrestled with using GPOs to push out apps or relying on third party tools for cross-OS deployments. It’s important to be able to provide line-of-business apps when they’re needed in a safe...


Set up Password Manager (As an End User)

It’s important to get your passwords out of your browsers. It may be convenient, but it’s a poor security practice. Admins who test JumpCloud can serve as a center of excellence to assist other users ...


Temporary Endpoint Privilege Elevation

Demo Overview Users want to be productive and don’t like it when they’re kept waiting for a support ticket to do something simple like installing a printer driver. Likewise, IT can’t grant permanent p...


Admin Sharing for 2FA

Adopting JumpCloud doesn’t only benefit users’ productivity. Administrators can leverage it in their course of work to share secure notes, passwords, payment cards, and even TOTP tokens among their te...


Apple MDM Enrollment Walkthrough

JumpCloud permits you to manage all of your devices with one platform. Managing your entire device fleet ensures that only known devices with healthy postures can access your resources. Apple provides...


Android EMM Setup

JumpCloud provides cross-OS device management with integrated identity and access control (IAM). You can bring your own identity from an Identity Provider like Okta or Active Directory. Automations an...

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