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Can you Sync JC users into SQL server as native SQL users? Suggestion 00200326

Rising Star I

We have a large number of Amazon RDS virtual SQL servers

Currently administering users on them is a manual task as they are not domain connected and to do so in with an Amazon hosted domain is crazy expensive 😞

I know if it were a "real" SQL server there is a workaounnd that has JC sync users down to a windows user group on the machine  and from there you make that a member of a usergroup in SQL server

However that is not an option for us as you don't get direct access to the underlying server.

So, is there, or is there plans for, a mechanism to sync JC users into SQL as native users? (I know the SQL to add, remove, change users has existed for decades)




Iron I
Iron I

Hello! 🙂

So we do have an AWS IAM integration. Would this work for you? 

Let me know if what you're looking for isn't covered by this integration. 🙂

Sadly not, IAM integration for RDS is just for mysql, postgres and aurora

A quick look around the web will bring up lots of SQL scripts for adding/removing/listing users/roles, changing passwords etc so I could imagine that your dev's could use them and reuse some of your existing user-sync code.

Ah okay, I get it. Let me see what I can dig up for you 🙂 

Iron I
Iron I

...and I'm back with an update. Unfortunately it looks like a custom script is the only option right now but our Professional Services can help with that if you need:

I'm not sure about the feature being built in though but you can put in a feature request if you'd like:

Hi, I don't see how a custom script would works as I don't think the jumpcloud api exposes the account password, which is what you'll need for account creation and password resets

I have raised it in "request features" 00200326 but tbh whatever I have put there in past doesn't get a response and most are just sitting at "new"

Hi ncarmichael, I understand that that's frustrating. I'll make sure I pass on the feature request and your feedback internally. 

Please do as three months on, they still have it set as "reviewing" 🙄

Hi @ncarmichael I'll update the feature request internally and see if I can get an update for you.

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