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Double Login on a Mac

Novitiate I


I installed the macOS agent and since then, I now have to log in twice, the first time without the TOTP (and the input seems to be like a regular mac login) and another one with TOTP (and de input seems to be  different)

1st screen
type my password...

2nd screen
type my password again + TOTP

Also, I tried uninstalling the agent with this script:

and running it with sudo, and it seems to remove the agent, but I still have two logins even with my local accounts.



Novitiate II

It's probably because you have FileVault enabled on the system. At the first login the OS has not yet launched so it has no way of telling if MFA is enabled on the system. Once you type in the password it loads the OS and all the JC MFA components which requires another logging. That is my guess. FileVault can suck sometimes