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Commands for Critical Outlook/Exchange Privilege Escalation

It's been a minute since I posted about using JumpCloud Commands for security remediations. There's a particularly nasty zero day that's been actively exploited now that involves attackers obtaining an NTLM hash (Windows password) through Microsoft 3...

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JCDavid by Rising Star III
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Extra fun security news 9 Mar 2023 edition

We didn't do news on the IT hour, but partway through, these two nuggets of joy from bleepingcomputer poped up on my phone:IceFire ransomware now encrypts both Windows and Linux:

rlyons by Rising Star II
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Directory Insight SIEM Integrations

Hey Folks,  As many of you might be wondering (or already asked ) about integrating SIEM solutions with JumpCloud logs - Directory Insights to be more specific, in order to centralise security event monitoring and management, @JuergenKlaassen had a w...

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shawnsong by Rising Star I
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Crowdstrike Custom SAML app not (fully) working

Hi everyone, I've been trying to implement Crowdstrike's SSO following the documentation that can be found in Crowdstrike's portal, and it somewhat-works. Here's what I mean:After following the steps, when clicking on the app, I get re-directed to Cr...

U.S. National Cybersecurity Strategy

This news cycle has a big drop: the Biden admin's national cybersecurity strategy. A friend worked on it and had this to say: "The strategy establishes an affirmative, values-driven vision for a secure cyberspace that creates opportunities to achieve...

JCDavid by Rising Star III
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Diet Cola Compliance is Here

IT professionals oftentimes talk over the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMES) with a lot of jargon. Compliance (and laws punishing data breaches) are becoming increasingly widespread, so it's understandable that it's the topic d...

JCDavid by Rising Star III
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TOTP for Admin Account Stopped Working

Last week I went to login as an Administrator account, only to find that my TOTP code was no longer working from my iOS Authenticator app. JumpCloud said the code was not valid. After a few login attempts, my admin account is now locked. Resetting th...

Encrypt additional drives on Ubuntu Desktop

Hi Folks, Pretty sure you came across this KB for enabling the full disk encryption on the root drive when installing Ubuntu, and utilising JC's Linux FDE policy to monitor the status.  But how about the additional drives on the box? These are not sh...


Some Fun with Azure AD and Intune

Friday was supposed to be an easy day off where I spent some time to help a friend set up the Microsoft Azure features that he was paying for (but not using). His firm takes client data seriously and needed my help. It was content to maximize the Mic...

JCDavid by Rising Star III
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Resolved! Giving Partial Admin Rights To Users

My company recently deployed jumpcloud for our endpoints and I was wondering if anyone knew of a way through jumpcloud to give partial admin rights to my users.  I do not want my users to reach out to me each time they need the admin password to add/...

blee145 by Novitiate I
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Session Timeout

There is some way to set session Timeout only for certain logins? I.e. user1 need to do an activity all night long, but I don't want to grant an session on entire Jumpcloud env. Att,

My country

It hard now where I am from for you to have maximum security or network I wonder where all that went I can't wait for 2023 best luck to those of us still believing in the future one love 

Q27merry by Novitiate I
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Sentinel One and windows 11

I create a command in jumpcloud can install sentinel one on Windows 10 it does not need admin right for it to work.Now SentinelOne tell me that in Windows 11 this no longer the case I find it hard to believe that. But I figure I reach out to ask this...

Franco by Novitiate II
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Windows Zero Days: Consider Mitigations Through Commands

Patch Tuesday has become Zero Day Tuesday ... there are six actively exploited vulnerabilities this week alone. It's not always possible to wait for a patch, or a patch may not be sufficient (recall PrintNightmare, Follina, and MSDT). There was a pra...

JCDavid by Rising Star III
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Become a Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion!

Every company should be hardening their employees against cyber attack. This is typically done through training and awareness campaigns. Creating the materials for an engaging campaign can be costly and time consuming. Aligning with national and inte...

nbushong by JumpCloud Alumni
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Hardening GSuite/365 Tenants

(Context: I work at an MSP, so this is not just a question for my own instance, I manage many of both of these.)Today on the IT Hour, there was a good chat about security practices (thanks Nicole!) and I was wondering if anyone had a good resource fo...

kelly by Novitiate III
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Looking to improve your overall security?

Whether you are starting out on your security journey or have already started, I have found the CIS website as a great place to start. They have excellent guidelines to help you out from operating systems to cloud environments.https://www.cisecurity....

Getting Started with the NIST Framework

If you are building up a new security program or improving upon an existing one, but you are not well verse in compliance - the NIST Framework can help provide a guide of what common controls should be in place.The NIST Framework was originally creat...

nbushong by JumpCloud Alumni
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YouTrack SSO

So, I just configured SSO for YouTrack and it worked almost the first time.  The hardest part was getting the SHA256 fingerprint of the JumpCloud certificate.I followed the instructions here (

RNHurt by Novitiate II
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