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Enabling 801.X Auth for Ethernet on Windows via XML and Powershell

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Community Manager

Hello everyone, 

This is a repost of a question we found on Reddit and answered by the stellar @JuergenKlaassen. This answer isn't a plug and play script that's been tested but rather a starting point resource for you to configure what you need. 

  1. First up, a blog post for Configuring 802.1x Authentication for Windows Deployment that does this using BAT rather than Powershell:
  2. Next up, Juergen's PowerShell script to configure a Wifi Profile (and install a RADIUS certificate) that can be used as a reference and/or updated to configure Ethernet instead:
  3. A sample XML file that you can edit with your configuration
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <LANProfile xmlns="">
                <OneX xmlns="">
                        <!-- Insert EAP configuration XML here -->
  4. Apply the XML profile with 
    netsh lan add profile interface="Ethernet" filename="path\to\your\profile.xml"​
  5. Start the AutoConfig with
    Set-Service -Name 'dot3svc' -StartupType 'Automatic'
    Start-Service -Name 'dot3svc'

We hope this helps, but if not, you can always reach out to our professional services or support team who can help you either put together a new setup or debug an existing setup, respectively. 🙂

One day I'll know how to do all of this myself, but today is not that day. <cringe.gif>



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