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How does jumpcloud work with others such as Ubiquiti identity (UID)

Novitiate I

I am curious about best practice and how jumpcloud works with ubiquiti's Identity cloud solution. My organisation uses the udm se with some APs, switches, door hubs, security cameras, etc. UID seems to implement/run its own RADIUS server through UID when creating employees to have access to WAPs & doors/etc, one click VPN, wifi, etc. However on the end device - the employee machines actually use jumpcloud for provisioning and as such it seems we have two systems that overlap at different areas. I would ideally like to only use one (as the single source of truth) but unsure which is best practice and the pros/cons of integration and also how this process flow should look. 


Anyone had experience running both and integrating the two cloud platforms? 

maybe I need to disable UID and only use the standard Unifi ecosystem and apps locally?