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Extra fun security news 9 Mar 2023 edition

We didn't do news on the IT hour, but partway through, these two nuggets of joy from bleepingcomputer poped up on my phone:IceFire ransomware now encrypts both Windows and Linux:

rlyons by Rising Star III
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Resolved! Powershell to push Windows firewall rules

I've started at a new company recently who use JumpCloud, so I'm also extremely new to JumpCloud.Our staff are using a new app which needs to get through the Windows 10 firewall. I've written a powershell script that works perfectly on my PC.I've add...

paul-mb by Novitiate II
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Security in Cross-OS environments

Do you have difficulty having consistent security practices in a cross-OS environment? Is your security strategy different from user to user or from OS to OS? How much of this work is hands-on vs automated?