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How do you manage admin access to user accounts?

Hello Admins , How do you manage admin access rights in your organization. Since jumpcloud only offers choco package , how do you manage pushing software to employees? I am thinking to setup non admin user accounts so that we could improve security ,...

Full Disk Encryption is a No-Brainer

Yesterday, I was assembling some notes on the benefits of having Full Disk Encryption (FDE) being available across all Linux distros. I awoke to a high severity CVE concerning OpenSSL, which is generally used to secure communications on the (OSI) tra...

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Brute Forcing a Domain Controller

This video was very enlightening. A great deal of information about your infrastructure can be obtained from a single vulnerable user. The demo used tools that are bundled with Kali Linux. A must see for Windows admins...[video]

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Monitor JumpCloud with Datadog

Just saw this post from Datadog that allows you to monitor your JumpCloud environment using Datadog. I never got around to setting this up, only did SSO. Does anyone else use this?Monitor Your JumpCloud Directory With Datadog | Datadog (


Cyber Insurance Audits

An old colleague just told me:"we actually got audited by our cyber security insurance provider and they enforced us to have MFA on literally everything. Down to the switches. It was huge pain in the a**."Have any of you ever faced challenges related...

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Session Timeout

There is some way to set session Timeout only for certain logins? I.e. user1 need to do an activity all night long, but I don't want to grant an session on entire Jumpcloud env. Att,

Passwordless Authentication, what does it mean?

Industry buzzword, or really necessary? Passwordless authentication is something that comes up a lot in the world of Identity and Access Management.  We all have difference of opinion in "true" password less authentication. What does it mean to you? ...

Stuff You Learn by Walking Around

A thread in an MSP Facebook group discussion that I read this morning surfaced a memory from a few years back. I served as an IT director at a manufacturing company, and it was my job to create a security program. One of the greatest lessons I learne...

JCDavid by Rising Star II
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User-Based Policies?

Hello,I've been keeping an eye on Jumpcloud's progress and have been wanting to switch our small company over to it from Active Directory for quite some time now. The problem is that our company has multiple users jumping on and off each of our PCs t...

Denver by Novitiate I
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