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Locating and updating curl and libcurl

 Whats everyone doing to evaluate and understand their device exposure on the curl and libcurl CVE? Ive got to the point where understanding if curl is present on the device only goes so far, as there are potentially 3rdparty apps that have/utilise t...

rodderz by Novitiate I
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Resolved! Printer access/security solutions in JumpCloud

Hello All,I recently joined an organization running JumpCloud. One of the challenges I'm trying to solution in the organization is printer access and security. I don't see anything in JC and wanted to bounce this off the group.What I'd like to do is ...

htgrimmi by Novitiate I
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LDAP mapping between JumpCloud and OpenDirectory?

We have a Mac mini acting as a FileMaker database server, and I need to add SSO logins for database users. For some reason, the JumpCloud agent won't install, so as a workaround I added the Jumpcloud LDAP server as a native directory service per http...

jlgtx by Novitiate II
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DHCP and DNS without a Domain Controller

The question of how to handle DCHP and DNS without a domain controller comes up during migrations to cloud directories. The answer is there are alternatives, and the DHCP server role shouldn't installed be on a DC anyway. This brings back a few harro...

JCDavid by Iron II
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Security for Switches

Hi all. Beyond port security configurations... I always thought it was important to update firmwares and (now) would enable MFA to access switches. I also improved physical security so that random people couldn't walk up and plug into ports.What do y...

JCDavid by Iron II
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"I have a person"

An IT admin cohort used a Cisco employee, who was moonlighting, to help configure and manage firewalls. This person was located overseas and trusted by my colleague, but concerns about availability and liability turned me off the idea.Have any of you...

JCDavid by Iron II
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What VPN do you use?

What VPN software / hardware do you use for your office?We were previously using just a plain Ubuntu server with ppp, ipsec, and strongswan. It worked well, but I couldn't get RADIUS authentication working with it so I had to manually add / remove ac...

steven by Rising Star III
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Resolved! Anyone else using Unifi in their networks?

We've been using (even before I got there) Unifi routers, switches, and wifi access points at both of our local offices. It's been great for the most part, and I can manage the networks from home. VPN to each of the offices using JumpCloud's radius w...

dagryph by Novitiate III
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Securing SonicWall Firewall with RADIUS and Push MFA

Some things are too cool not to share. I've recently published articles about how to authenticate into network hardware using RADIUS + TOTP multi-factor authentication (MFA). It works by appending a code to your password after comma, i.e., "Password,...

JCDavid by Iron II
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How can you setup SSH 2FA for switches and routers?

Helping on a project that has a simple requirement — to lock down our switches and routers to have 2FA for administrator access.  But, we’re out of our element on implementing this – and could use advice. We do not have any sort of directory right no...

SWtw by Novitiate I
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SAML Testing is Tough, Make It Easier

It's no secret that setting up SSO can be challenging. SAML is 'all or nothing', so having an IdP that provides open access for testing and tools such as this helps make what could otherwise be a bumpy rollout more seamless. Here's a great free tool ...

JCDavid by Iron II
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Free CISO Tools

Recent events have compelled The Department of Homeland Security's CISA office to declare "shields up" for cyber defenses. It's published a handy list of free CISO tools to protect your devices, data, and network as part of that effort. My former ZDN...

JCDavid by Iron II
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