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Push bombing mitigation

JumpCloud Protect will enforce a limit on concurrent push notification attempts per resource to reduce push bombing or MFA fatigue risks.  User can re-attempt Push MFA for that resource login after the user has approved or denied the transaction or ...

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New Discovery - OS Patch Management Policy Report

Hey JumpCloud Community. It has been a few weeks since I last posted and I wanted to provide a short update on a new way to discover and run the OS Patch Management Policy report directly from the OS Patch Management Policy page in the admin console....

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dwjohn by JumpCloud Employee
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Radius authentication using email address

Radius users can now use their email as the UserID when authenticating to the RADIUS access point. This capability expands and adds flexibility to the user when authenticating for WiFi or VPN using Jumpcloud RADIUS.Pain-points - IT Admins want to avo...

New JumpCloud Report - Users to SSO Applications

Howdy JumpCloud Community! Back to talk about another new report that we have added to the JumpCloud Reports portfolio called Users to SSO Applications. At a high level, this report is meant to provide IT Administrators with a list of all users in an...

dwjohn by JumpCloud Employee
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Introducing New JumpCloud Linux Policies

Hi JumpCloud Community!I'm the Sr Product Marketing Manager for the Devices team. I'm excited to share and introduce four new JumpCloud policies to help your organization manage and secure your deployed Linux endpoints more efficiently, while improvi...


JumpCloud Reports API Endpoints Live

Hey JumpCloud Community. I am back to share that customers can now access JumpCloud Reports via api in addition to what they could already do in the Admin Console. JumpCloud Reports has been in General Availability for a few weeks and we wanted to fi...

dwjohn by JumpCloud Employee
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Introducing JumpCloud Reports

Hey JumpCloud Community! My name is Derek Johnson and I am a Principal Product Manager on the Data Services team at JumpCloud. This is my first community post and I am excited to provide more details about our new JumpCloud Reports feature and what w...

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dwjohn by JumpCloud Employee
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New Professional Services offerings

Hi JumpCloud Community!I’m Pebbles!  The Senior Product Manager for JumpCloud’s Professional Services.  Super excited to meet you all and would love to share some exciting details about the new Professional Services we just released this month.To ens...

Product Updates: Set device list as default, View detailed policy results directly from the device & Easily view devices running latest OS versions

Kicking off the first of many product updates from the PM team here at JumpCloud! I am long time JumpCloudian with a background in IT who started on the support team at JC, founded the Solutions Architecture team and the JumpCloud PowerShell module,...

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scott_reed by JumpCloud Employee
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