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JumpCloud and Google Workspace

IT admins can deliver better results when they have the freedom to make choices. Enterprise-focused, unilaterally-driver solutions prescribed from one vendor aren’t always what’s best for a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME). Fortunately, Google ...

JCDavid by Iron II
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Enforcing Minor Updates on macOS with MDM Commands

When we rolled out JumpCloud’s Patch Management offering in January, we knew that we had a solution that would work for the needs of most of our customer community. It would prompt the end user to do the needed task, get a device up to date, and do i...

TomBridge by Rising Star II
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Universal Chrome Browser Patch Management Released | Enforce Updates, Sign In Settings, and Enroll Devices into Chrome Browser Cloud Management

Chrome Browser Patch Management is now available for use within the JumpCloud admin console.Find a new navigation within Policy Management for "Patch Management" with specific tabs for managing OS and new Chrome Browser policies. Clicking "Load Defau...

chrome_patch_here.gif scott_reed_0-1667511467265.png scott_reed_1-1667511649461.png scott_reed_2-1667511917503.png
scott_reed by JumpCloud Employee
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New Discovery - OS Patch Management Policy Report

Hey JumpCloud Community. It has been a few weeks since I last posted and I wanted to provide a short update on a new way to discover and run the OS Patch Management Policy report directly from the OS Patch Management Policy page in the admin console....

dwjohn_0-1665775532022.png dwjohn_1-1665775532070.png
dwjohn by JumpCloud Employee
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