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User-Based Policies?

Hello,I've been keeping an eye on Jumpcloud's progress and have been wanting to switch our small company over to it from Active Directory for quite some time now. The problem is that our company has multiple users jumping on and off each of our PCs t...

Denver by Novitiate II
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More vulnerabilty fun, Halloween edition

Flaw in OAuth implementation for Grammerly and others; allows full account takeover. iPhone MAC address randomization hasn't ever worked. Turns out that while it ...

rlyons by Rising Star III
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Admin locked out!

When I try to login as admin my OTP-code says; Verification code was invalid or already used.It does not work. If I try to reset my password I need also an OTP code. I'm locked out and have no clue how to solve this.

FB991 by Novitiate I
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Tailscale SSO OIDC

Configuring a Tailscale SSO connection is pretty straightforward but there are a couple of gotchas to watch out for.  First, neither JumpCloud nor Tailscale consider each other a primary vendor so you have to use custom connections.  Second, Tailscal...

RNHurt by Novitiate III
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Integrating with Redox SSO

Just wanted to jot a few notes down for integrating SSO with Redox Engine.Steps:Create the SSO app in JC and accept the defaultsCheck the "Declare Redirect Endpoint" option - Redox requires thisACS URL:

RNHurt by Novitiate III
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Resolved! Does anyone have any experience with Bitwarden SSO?

We just upgraded our Bitwarden account to allow SSO integration and I'm having a bit of a tough time with it.  There are some docs for the SCIM integration with Bitwarden there is nothing for SAML.  JumpCloud has a "Bitwarden" SAML template so I thou...

RNHurt by Novitiate III
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(How to) Get Passwords out of Your Browser

John Hammond, of Huntress fame, published a video detailing how it's possible to recover, decrypt and reveal passwords from Chrome. The attack vector will also work for Firefox. It requires access to an endpoint, so don't be too alarmed when you read...

JCDavid by Iron II
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JumpCloud logs to SentinelOne XDR

We use SentinelOne EDR and I just found out that we have XDR data ingestion with our plan, but are not using.  We can send pretty much any types of logs (so they say ...) to the XDR. Has anyone been sending their JumpCloud logs to SentinelOne XDR?   ...

SlimJim by Novitiate I
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Crowdstrike Custom SAML app not (fully) working

Hi everyone, I've been trying to implement Crowdstrike's SSO following the documentation that can be found in Crowdstrike's portal, and it somewhat-works. Here's what I mean:After following the steps, when clicking on the app, I get re-directed to Cr...

TOTP for Admin Account Stopped Working

Last week I went to login as an Administrator account, only to find that my TOTP code was no longer working from my iOS Authenticator app. JumpCloud said the code was not valid. After a few login attempts, my admin account is now locked. Resetting th...

Some Fun with Azure AD and Intune

Friday was supposed to be an easy day off where I spent some time to help a friend set up the Microsoft Azure features that he was paying for (but not using). His firm takes client data seriously and needed my help. It was content to maximize the Mic...

JCDavid by Iron II
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Resolved! Giving Partial Admin Rights To Users

My company recently deployed jumpcloud for our endpoints and I was wondering if anyone knew of a way through jumpcloud to give partial admin rights to my users.  I do not want my users to reach out to me each time they need the admin password to add/...

blee145 by Novitiate I
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Session Timeout

There is some way to set session Timeout only for certain logins? I.e. user1 need to do an activity all night long, but I don't want to grant an session on entire Jumpcloud env. Att,