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Restart Nudge for Macs

Hi all,  Reposing this from a conversation in the JumpCloud Slack Lounge.  "I have a question, but I'm not sure the best place to ask. We want to somehow and gently force our Macs to restart once a week. Our users have a tendency to just close their ...

urvashi by Community Manager
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Run a script after a user is bound to a device

Hello everyone,I am looking to find a way to run a command/ script whenever a user is bound to a device.I am trying to add users to a local device group that has R/W access to a folder for Slack updates.I suppose I could create a script that runs onc...

Auto Enroll Your Servers to JumpCloud - Linux Servers

Hi Folks, Last week I posted a Terraform script to auto-deploy JumpCloud agent on the Windows servers, and it's only fair we spread the same love to Linux, right?    Prerequisites TL;DL -  Check out the new code in my repo. Ensure you have the latest...

shawnsong_0-1710748751131.png shawnsong_2-1710748850041.png
shawnsong by Rising Star III
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Removing Munki from Mac Devices

Hi everyone,  Reposting this script from @JoeRogers who answered a question in the JumpCloud Slack Lounge!  "While an uninstaller is not provided as a package, you can use the commands below to disable the root Munki service and remove all of its com...

urvashi by Community Manager
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Install Installomator app if user in department - Mac

Wrote this quick one today to be used in our enrolment script. I checks if a user is bound to a specific departement and run a Installomator app install based on that. It also checks if app already are installed. In the example we install Adobe Creat...

Fulgubbe by Novitiate III
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Fun-stuff with Apple Shortcuts and JumpCloud

HiWe got a long weekend here in Singapore over Chinese New Year and I picked up an item on 'always want to look into this list' while it was pouring rain outside. I recalled the article from @pamlefkowitz a while back about "Shortcuts for Work and Fu...

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 15.38.48.png Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 15.46.44.png Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 12.59.25.png Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 13.00.00.png

Using Dockutil to set a user's dock

It's been a moment since I've used Dockutil but it's an amazing little utility to quickly set user docks via command line.  Here's a short script below that first checks if Dockutil is installed, installs it if not and sets the user dock to the scrip...

Screen Shot 2022-12-06 at 1.49.07 PM.png
jworkman by JumpCloud Employee
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Remove AD bind on MacOS via JumpCloud cmd

Although this scenario is not so common, but we have a KB for that - prior deploying JumpCloud agent to the device. I recently came across a similar case - Mac bind with AD, with JC agent installed. So, I forked the dis-bind script mentioned in the K...

shawnsong_1-1667456735970.png shawnsong_2-1667456817229.png
shawnsong by Rising Star III
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Printers in a mixed OS environment

Anyone have a good way to deploy/update printers in a mixed OS environment, 100% cloud with no servers, and where no one gets admin rights (other than me)?  Single location site and everything is on a DHCP (IP) reservation on monitored vlans.  90% wi...

daemoch by Novitiate III
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Self-Service app for JumpCloud Endpoints

I have created a workflow utilizing Installomater, swiftDialog and have wrapped the shell script to kick it off in Automator and have titled it Swift-Install. Included in the Wiki is a walk-through on how to build it in JumpCloud and the links to the...

Roto31 by Novitiate II
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Tenable Nessus Agent Install Script for Tenable IO

This script assumes you are using Tenable IO to manage your nessus agents deployed to endpoints,  and you are curl'ing your nessus .dmg file from a Google drive folder that is publicly accessible. Modify as needed, then configure as a Command that ru...