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Export Device Software Details

Hi everybody,I'd like to know if there is a way and/or script  to export the device software details like list of applications/programs for all devices, instead of exporting it one by one.Thank you,Nikita

nikita by Novitiate I
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Jumpcloud Sentinelone script templater not working ..

im getting Sentinel One Agent not installed.Downloading Sentinel One Agent installer now.Finished downloading Sentinel One Agent installer.Installing Sentinel One Agent now, this may take a few minutes.Sentinel One Agent installer returned . and that...

shaharr by Novitiate I
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Patch Dashboard - Part 1 Gaining Visibility

Hi Folks, It's me again. I've been working on this side project for quite some time. Recently, I was inspired by @urvashi this project made a huge breakthrough - I'll delve into that later, but first and foremost, a million thanks go to her! Let’s di...

shawnsong_0-1690877536860.png shawnsong_1-1690877561941.png shawnsong_2-1690877584072.png shawnsong_3-1690877595497.png
shawnsong by Rising Star III
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Python script to get installed versions of software

Here is a Python script that I put together to gather the installed versions of specified applications for Windows, Linux, and MacOS.#!/usr/bin/env python3 import sqlite3 import requests import json import csv import pathlib import time from datet...