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Bulk Set Local User Account Names & System Bind

When binding JumpCloud users to devices, it could be the case that the local user account names on devices differ slightly from JumpCloud usernames within the console. Given the case below, John Smith’s JumpCloud user account username does not match ...

Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 8.05.26 AM.png Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 2.19.54 PM.png jworkman_0-1679667323579.png
jworkman by JumpCloud Employee
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MTP with Get-JCSystemApp

This script enables MTP admins to search for 'x' software name and 'y' version on all orgs the MTP admin administers. Instructions: 1. Edit line 2, $MtpAdminApiKey with your admin API key 2. Edit line 3, $csvPath with the path or folder you want the ...


Policy Report

This script will create a CSV report based on the given PolicyId. The script prompts the user to enter the PolicyId and the folder directory it intends to save the CSV file. The PowerShell Module is required to run this scriptSave the script to a loc...

Fun-stuff with Apple Shortcuts and JumpCloud

HiWe got a long weekend here in Singapore over Chinese New Year and I picked up an item on 'always want to look into this list' while it was pouring rain outside. I recalled the article from @pamlefkowitz a while back about "Shortcuts for Work and Fu...

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 15.38.48.png Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 15.46.44.png Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 12.59.25.png Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 13.00.00.png

Automating custom policy reports (Make / API)

I've been more active in the Slack community, but didn't want to miss out on sharing here as well.  This is a bit less of a "script", but more of API automation.There was a slack question related to pulling reports from policies.  I'd imagine that's ...


The magical command trigger webhook

Inspired by @JuergenKlaassen 's latest post for Local Admin management - to secure the local admin with an unique and ephemeral password, we can take this a step further by using the the cmd trigger webhook, to pass in "parameters" as the environment...

shawnsong_0-1666262301806.png shawnsong_1-1666262472810.png
shawnsong by Rising Star I
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Report on Users and its Associated Groups and Systems

This script creates a CSV report of user associations (Group and Systems) How to use:1. Install the JumpCloud Powershell Module2. Save the contents of the script example to a file on a system.EX: ~/Report-Users_Bound_To_Groups.ps13. In a PowerShell t...

LAPS for Windows aka "JC miniLAPS"

+++ This is a ReleaseCandidate (RC) version of JC-miniLAPS +++Version: RC 1.0Why is it called 'JC-miniLAPS'?- The aim was to create a similar capability to Microsoft's LAPS for Windows-devices while not having the requirements in place. - Instead, th...

Google Form to automate user creation.

Hi all,Thought I share this Google script i made to give our HR the power to create Jumpcloud users when new employees joins our company. In its current form it's very basic but the plan is to build further on it to automate more processes involving ...

form.png script trigger.png
Fulgubbe by Novitiate III
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List Local & Managed User Accounts in Your Fleet

Hey folks!Few threads have popped up recently in the JumpCloud Slack asking if there is any method to pull all user accounts from your fleet for compliance reasons. If you have System Insights, the code below should do the trick! This is a quick code...