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PowerShell - Bookmark Bulk Importer Script

Hi folksSorry, I've been a little absent here and haven't posted a new script recently. But here we go again. Today I'm sharing a short script which allows you to quickly populate bookmarks on the JumpCloud User Console.  <# .DESCRIPTION This script ...


LAPS for Windows aka "JC miniLAPS"

+++ This is a ReleaseCandidate (RC) version of JC-miniLAPS +++Version: RC 1.0Why is it called 'JC-miniLAPS'?- The aim was to create a similar capability to Microsoft's LAPS for Windows-devices while not having the requirements in place. - Instead, th...

Resolved! export device overview fields

Hi everybody,I'd like to know if there is a way and/or script using Powershell Module to export the device details like Vendor, Model, Serial, ecc... for the whole devices, instead doing and export one by one.Many thanksDario Vernelli  

Inactive User Report on all Systems

Hi everyone,  Reposting this from the JumpCloud Slack lounge. @lmcfadden has shared a whole youtube tutorial that he made that explains how you can pull a report of inactive users from all systems. He's also open to answering any questions that you m...

urvashi by Iron II
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Exporting Command Results to a CSV

Hello all,  Sharing a Powershell script that was posted in the JumpCloud Slack Lounge by @simonbh-cbu in response to a question about exporting command results to a csv. Note that this uses the JumpCloud API.   $path = "../.apikey" $jcApiKey = Get-Co...

urvashi by Iron II
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Patch Dashboard - Part 2 Taking Actions

Hey Folks, Hope you had a great summary holiday - says a guy lives on a sunny island with eternal summer (minus the holiday, of course) .  Apologies for the delay. Let’s dive back into our topic. Since we gained the overall patching visibility in par...

shawnsong_0-1692001600878.png shawnsong_1-1692001619903.png
shawnsong by Rising Star II
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Bulk Update the Apple VPPs in your org

Hi folks, Another Friday, another post  - I'm sharing a way to bulk update the VPPs in your org.  Let's go straight to the point. Enable The AutoUpdate - NOT Viable atm! Sorry for the confusion the earlier - after a thorough test based on the feedbac...

shawnsong by Rising Star II
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Bulk Set Local User Account Names & System Bind

When binding JumpCloud users to devices, it could be the case that the local user account names on devices differ slightly from JumpCloud usernames within the console. Given the case below, John Smith’s JumpCloud user account username does not match ...

Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 8.05.26 AM.png Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 2.19.54 PM.png jworkman_0-1679667323579.png
jworkman by JumpCloud Employee
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MTP with Get-JCSystemApp

This script enables MTP admins to search for 'x' software name and 'y' version on all orgs the MTP admin administers. Instructions: 1. Edit line 2, $MtpAdminApiKey with your admin API key 2. Edit line 3, $csvPath with the path or folder you want the ...