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Self-Service app for JumpCloud Endpoints

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I have created a workflow utilizing Installomater, swiftDialog and have wrapped the shell script to kick it off in Automator and have titled it Swift-Install. Included in the Wiki is a walk-through on how to build it in JumpCloud and the links to the Installomater script and swiftDialog app so they can be installed locally. All components needed to make this work are linked or have been uploaded. 

The genius of the work goes to the Installomater project team and Bart Reardon for their awesome scripts. The great thing about Installomater is if there is an app that is not part of Installomater you can build a new recipe for it 


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Community Manager

Was this directly inspired by the convo in MacAdmins or were you already working on this? Either way, thanks for sharing!

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I posed the question there, and decided to one together on my own. They have worked on some additions to Installomater that utilizes swiftDialog to show progress. I’ll be adding those to the existing Installomater script and repackaging it once the bugs are worked out.