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November ’23 JumpShot: MSP Edition

Iron II
Iron II

November ’23 JumpShot MSP Edition

JumpCloud Go helps to protect your clients from cyberattacks with its integrated, cross-platform, phishing-resistant, hardware-backed authentication for frictionless access to all resources. Self-service account provisioning helps you to configure new devices and users among your clientele and onboard new clients more responsively and with fewer resources. Enhancements to Active Directory (AD) Integration simplify installations with more deployment options, making it easier to modernize AD. Lastly, enhanced Organization Clone functionality standardizes your tenant creation process to quickly onboard a new tenant with standardized settings, commands, policies, user and device groups, and more.


New Release

JumpCloud Go™ | Phishing-Resistant Passwordless Login


The repeated need to log in and use MFA to work wears on end users, leading to unsafe habits that jeopardize security standards and make it challenging to find the right balance of robust security and usability. JumpCloud Go is the latest development that delivers integrated, cross-platform, phishing-resistant, and hardware-backed authentication that verifies a managed user on a managed device to enable secure, frictionless access to all resources.

JumpCloud Go combines with technologies like Apple’s Touch ID and Windows Hello to create another layer of user verification that’s more secure than traditional MFA methods. It simplifies the implementation and maintenance of zero trust access while reducing IT complexity.

JumpCloud Go is available TODAY for all JumpCloud orgs. 

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New Functionality

Organization Cloning on the Multi-tenant Portal (MTP)


The new Organization Clone functionality allows for managed service providers with multiple tenants to standardize their tenant creation process and quickly set up a new tenant with the settings, commands, policies, user and device groups, and more that they want for a new client. Not only does this reduce the time it takes to set up a tenant for an incoming client, but it also minimizes mistakes that can crop up when setting up new organizations.

Find Out How To Clone A Tenant


Enhanced Functionality

Self-Service Account Provisioning


Self-Service Account Provisioning lets users bind their JumpCloud account to managed macOS and Windows devices directly from the login window. This feature also enables the new macOS login window with wireless connectivity controls.

With reduced times and resources now needed to configure devices, onboarding new clients, and new employees of your current clientele, just got that much easier. Plus, self-service account provisioning supports federated user identities when accessing JumpCloud-managed devices, so you can enhance your onboarding workflow no matter what IdP you currently have. 

Learn How To Activate Self-Service Account Provisioning 


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JumpCloud’s Q4 2023 Partner Roadmap


As 2023 ends, we’re rounding out the year with a slate of new and updated features to help you efficiently secure and manage your clients’ IT environments.

Join us live on November 16 at noon ET for an overview of the full range of capabilities we plan to release before 2024 to help you gain more control over your JumpCloud instance, support more diverse clients, and simplify client IT management.

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