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Partner Success Interviews - Q1 2024 Recap

Rising Star III
Rising Star III

Hi MSP Friends,

Just like that we are at the end of the first quarter of 2024 and I thought it would be good to recap the JumpCloud Partner Success Interviews we have published.


In this episode I chatted to Tony Sheets of Umzuzu who said if your MSP isn't working with Google you may be missing out.  Link


It was great fun to chat with Doug Miller of Brightworks, who explained that he tells his clients that JumpCloud will save them money. Link


It's always educational chatting with Theresia Joseph of Tavanca, this time we discussed how JumpCloud helps them simplify client onboarding. Link

Black Mountain Dynamics

Rama Polefka of Black Mountain Dynamics joined us this time to explain how JumpCloud is now their de-facto choice for Endpoint Management. Link


Macktez are a fantastic JumpCloud Partner based in New York, New York and Michael Horst gave us some great experience around their experience with JumpCloud. Link

Xceptional / ElephantHop

This episode was a little different, we had the opportunity to chat with Chrs McKewon of Xceptional and Brett Ramberg of ElephantHop about an acquisition. Really fascinating insights. Link

Cirrus Partners

Benjamin Morales of Cirrus Partners explained how it's possible to differenciate your MSP by using Best of Breed tooling. Link


I had so many more questions to ask Chris McKewon of Xceptional that invited him back to talk a little more. We talked about how JumpCloud enables him to reduce tool sprawl. Link


Wrapping up this quarter was Stephen Doty of security focused MSP, Defensible. He likened JumpCloud to a Swiss Army Knife for MSPs. Link

I really hope you enjoyed reading/watching/listening to these, if so please consider liking the podcast or subscribing to the YouTube playlist here.

See you in Q2 for more great insights from our great partners.