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Multi-Tenant Portal Feature Roundup - H2 2023

JumpCloud Employee
JumpCloud Employee

Hello! This is Rob from the MSP Product team and today I am here to share with you an update of some of the work we’ve put out so far in this second half of 2023.

While many of the features that JumpCloud releases on a regular basis are critical to admin lives in general, the problems faced by admins who serve as a Provider of some form face a whole host of challenges that are unique to them. Our ongoing efforts to continue to improve the lives of Providers like Managed Service Providers or Value-Added Resellers have led to some exciting updates this year.

Many of these updates have come directly from feature requests submitted by admins like you, so if you have ideas, keep ‘em comin!

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Improved Billing Visibility in the MTP

First up, we have updates around Improved Billing Visibility for customers of our simplified JumpCloud For MSPs SKU. With our new and improved UI for this, we have introduced an attractive user interface that allows admins to quickly see how many seats they have assigned to their users and readily download relevant contract information, saving emails or phone calls to their account managers or our support teams.


MTP Support and Case Portal

The Multi-Tenant Portal of JumpCloud has provided a convenient and centralized portal for our Partners to manage their various tenant organizations since its release. While we have added many features to it over the last few years, the support experience still required admins to dive into a child organization to submit tickets or follow up on existing cases.

In Q3 of this year, we released a support experience in the Multi-Tenant Portal that brought multitenancy to JumpCloud Support. With this feature, admins are able to create support cases and have a centralized view of the cases submitted across their tenant orgs as well, helping admins avoid tracking down tickets in several different portals.

New support menu available in MTPNew support menu available in MTPSubmit a case form updatesSubmit a case form updatesThe MTP Case Portal allows admins to track cases that are opened across their tenantsThe MTP Case Portal allows admins to track cases that are opened across their tenants

Clone an Organization in the MTP

Setting up an organization can take time, effort, and technical resources that aren’t always easy to come by today. Configuring the write policies or policy groups can take several hours, and many of the commands that you have configured in one org are likely to be used in another org as well. While we introduced the ability to create templates earlier in ‘23, we sought to further optimize the customer onboarding process. 

Admins have requested a number of features to make this easier, which led us to develop this feature: with just a few steps, you are able to copy important things like device groups, user groups, commands, policies, policy groups, and organization settings from one organization into a brand new one. This efficiency gain can be measured in hours and is available to MTP Admins today.

Create an organization with policies, groups and commands configured to your spec in a few clicks.Create an organization with policies, groups and commands configured to your spec in a few clicks.



Certificate & Token Monitor In the MTP and Admin Portals

Finally, we come to the Certificate and Token Monitor. The JumpCloud Platform checks many boxes for our admins, many of them centered around device management and identity management. While our platform offers a centralized method to manage both of these, configuration does require admins to go through various manual processes on external sites. Combine this with the fact that these certificates and tokens generated in this process all expire at regular intervals ranging from 90 days to a few years, it can be a pain to track.

We have developed a centralized dashboard in our Multi-Tenant Portal and Admin portals to help admins view and manage these certificates and tokens in a central location. With a quick visual widget and a full page table that is filterable and sortable, admins can avoid customer downtime and prevent the “wild goose chase” of tracking down the symptoms of an expired Apple MDM token.

Widget to visualize what's about to expire soon.Widget to visualize what's about to expire soon.Full-page table view to dig deeper.Full-page table view to dig deeper.

We are excited to continue to build on the successes of our various teams here at JumpCloud and strive to make our Multi-Tenant Portal experience better with each release. Please keep your ideas coming through the "Submit an Idea" route in the support section of the MTP.

Until next time!