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Agent Doesn't Check-in for Hours

Novitiate I


I've been using JumpCloud to manage our endpoints for a little over a year.  One thing I've noticed is when a user isn't logged in, the agent only check in every 4-6 hours.  This is sometimes really frustrating when trying to push out changes because if someone isn't logged in then I have a lot of straggler machines.  


I know this machine is connected to Wi-Fi in my office and plugged in but no one is logged in.  Is there some setting or policy so that a machine will check in more regularly even if no one is logged in?


Novitiate II

Its like you asked and everyone looked away..  I'm wondering if you ever got to the bottom of this? Could it be sleep? I disable sleeping for all PC's when connected to power for this very reason prior to that I would see them go offline often. Another RMM tool we use has a Wake-On-Lan command you can send but I don't see that with JumpCloud. I used it often to wake a PC up it works 90% of the time.

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @CartWill sorry you haven't heard back about this. Let me see if I can find something. I'll get back to you. 

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Checked internally and unfortunately there's no way to force a check in from the agent at this time. Ideally the agent should checkin once every minute if the device is active and online, but there's no way to change that or "wake" the agent from what I understand.

But we would love a feature request so the product team can take a look. 

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