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M365 user's fields

Novitiate III

Hi everybody,

I am using Jumpcloud since 2 months and I'm syncing JC users to M365.

I have seen that the JC "Company" filed is not there a change to create a sync also for this field ?

And it should be also possible to add 2 more fields to sync ? The "Employee hire date".....

My wishes

Thanks a lot

Dario Vernelli


JumpCloud Employee
JumpCloud Employee

Hey Dario,

Hope you are doing well.

There are a number of additional attributes which JumpCloud can export to M365 that can be configured in the JumpCloud Directory Integration with M365. In the JumpCloud administration console navigate to Cloud Directories and click on your M365 Configuration. If you scroll down you will see a full list of attributes which can be exported to M365. I will leave a screenshot below. 

Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 1.10.14 PM.png

I addition, you can reference this Knowledge Base article which has a full list of the attributes which JumpCloud can currently support for export. If there is an attribute that you would like to export which is not present on this list, I would encourage you to submit a feature request so that our Product team can be made aware of the need. You will be able to see updates on any feature requests that you make in your Case Portal.

Hope this helps!