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Windows Zero Touch Deployment

I was wondering if JumpCloud has a zero-touch like experience for windows machines. Essentially, we are a fully remote company with users all across the world, so having a machine shipped to IT to setup and then ship to the user wouldn't be ideal. Pr...

Windows is Insecure, You Pay More

My brother and I bought a fire safety manufacturing company from our dad and it grew to become #5 in the world. Our products were life safety, so there was no room for error. Liability was a constant risk and we had rigorous design review and QC proc...

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Dealing with Shadow IT

There were a bunch of old PCs in my QC lab, but we lacked a full accounting of software assets from the previous IT teams. It turned out that it was captured important (compliance related) information about products in FileMaker. There were no backup...

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Change Google Super User

We have our JC directory bound to our Google Workspace, I would like to change the Super admin account that it used to do this, how do I go about doing this? I cannot find any kBase article that explains the process.Thanks

New JumpCloud User

My team and I have been using Jumpcloud for a little bit. So far, so good. I'm a definite fan! My question is: What would you suggest as something that we lean into in order to maximize the experience for mac users in a hybrid windows active director...

Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter AD FS

I recently suffered a severe ankle sprain, and I don't know what's worse between that and setting up an AD FS server farm. AD FS had its place to extend Active Directory with local and web app SSO, and IT admins can have very finite control over auth...

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Defer Windows 11 Updates

Windows 11 is Microsoft's latest and greatest, but the departments may have reasons to postpone its rollout (or at least prevent employees from making rogue installs!) or remain on the most stable build that’s available until bugs are worked out. Mic...

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