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BitLocker Full Disk Encryption - WIN

I am encountering a recurring issue with BitLocker Full Disc Encryption (WIN) via Policy Management on Windows devices. The issue manifests as a failed encryption attempt due to the presence of multiple numerical passwords.1. The policy fails with th...

CP by Novitiate I
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Automatic Shutdown

This document details the "Automatic Shutdown" project, developed using a PowerShell script running on JumpCloud. The main objective is to automate system shutdown when a computer remains idle for a specific period.Target Audience:JumpCloud administr...

cali by Novitiate II
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Error running Winget via JC command

Hi all,Very new to JC, so if this is the wrong board, I apologize. Reading through this old post, I'm working to setup a JC command to help us install some standard software to Windows machines(currently just using Reader as a tester package).  I ini...

martinu by Novitiate I
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Lots of O365 Login Prompts

I have AzureAD sync'd with jumpcloud and SAML auth setup for O365 though JumpCloud. Users are logged into JC managed windows PCs with JC managed accounts. Office apps like OneDrive and Outlook keep signing themselves out or at least prompting for re-...

zbiles by Novitiate I
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Used Hardware?

Do any of you ever purchase used hardware from places such as eBay or a reseller? Do you have security concerns about it?

JCDavid by Iron II
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TOTP Hardware Keys

What TOTP hardware keys are people using in their environment when WebAuthN or Software keys do not meet your needs?

krichard by Novitiate III
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Seagate 20TB 7200RPM Drive

For $500 does anyone think this is worth it? 20TB is a lot of storage but I feel like SSD prices have come down so much that getting multiple SSD drives might be costly, but offer better performance. Thoughts?

What hardware do you use for testing?

As I'm testing here at home, a few people have very nicely sent me notes about what they're seeing on their Windows machines. And I realized that I have about 5 different Macs and several iPhones but no working Windows at all (our old HP laptop will ...

BScott by Community Manager
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Why I Ditched Domain Controllers

Friends don’t let friends buy unnecessary hardware for domain controllers. I was recently consulting with a client who’s a principal at a family law firm with her folks. Naturally, that also made her the default IT person. Her last MSP wanted to char...

JCDavid by Iron II
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MacBook Air "Worrying" PC Laptop Makers

PC makers are concerned that Apple's M2 architecture may dent their laptop sales. This type of post could be fodder for the perennial Mac versus PC argle-bargle, but I don't believe that's the correct way to interpret it. Consumer choice is a good th...

JCDavid by Iron II
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Core Based CALs Calculator

That subject wasn't meant to be a tongue twister, but it might make your head spin if server licenses are coming out of your budget. Here's a handy "unofficial" Windows Server Licensing calculator. You pay the Number of CPUs per host times the cores ...

JCDavid by Iron II
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Who chooses the hardware?

How do you deal with pushback from users who want more flexibility on their device or OS choice? Are you strict in the choices you give users, limiting their choices to certain models from a list? Or is it a “you get what you get” environment?Also cu...