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BitLocker Full Disk Encryption - WIN

Novitiate I

I am encountering a recurring issue with BitLocker Full Disc Encryption (WIN) via Policy Management on Windows devices. The issue manifests as a failed encryption attempt due to the presence of multiple numerical passwords.

1. The policy fails with the following error message:


"state": "FAILED",
"detail": "Bitlocker Protected - More than one numerical password currently set. This configuration is not supported, please ensure that the system only has one or no numerical password in place."




2. To resolve this issue, I manually remove the second numerical password using the following command:



manage-bde c: -protectors -delete -id {}



  • After restarting the end-user's laptop, the encryption policy successfully applies.

  • However, the second numerical password mysteriously reappears after an unknown period, causing the encryption policy to fail again. This issue is affecting a significant number of devices, and I have been unable to identify a consistent pattern or solution to prevent it from recurring."