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Zero Touch Provisioning with Linux - by Loic B

Hello everyone,  Reposting this amazing how to guide on (almost) zero touch onboarding for Linux by Loic B.  We appreciate you Loic!  Urvashi

urvashi by Community Manager
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Resolved! Support for Debian 12 Bookworm

When can I expect to have JumpCloud support Debian 12 Bookworm?I've tried  it and found that it's a good OS that I intend to make use of. I'm held back from using it until JumpCloud supports it.I suspect that the Linux JumpCloud agent would work just...

Assign UID/GIDs automatically

Hi,Is there a way to automatically set the UID/GID of a user when it is added to a user group or a device group? I know it is possible to do so manually, but maybe there is a JumpCloud-y way of automating this. For context, we have several Linux serv...

milong0 by Novitiate I
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Used Hardware?

Do any of you ever purchase used hardware from places such as eBay or a reseller? Do you have security concerns about it?

JCDavid by Iron II
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What hardware do you use for testing?

As I'm testing here at home, a few people have very nicely sent me notes about what they're seeing on their Windows machines. And I realized that I have about 5 different Macs and several iPhones but no working Windows at all (our old HP laptop will ...

BScott by Community Manager
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Homelabs. Sweeeeeet.

I've been considering a "personal" jumpcloud account for my homelab. Much easier to test new things on a non-mission critical VM at home than screwing it up at work. Anyone else do this?What have you tied it in with? I've personally been curious abou...

rlyons by Rising Star III
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Where do you host websites / apps?

Hello!The company I work for is a web / app development & design agency. We have upwards of 3,000 sites & apps that we maintain, spread across roughly 300 servers. Currently we're hosting in DigitalOcean, it's fine. No real complaints other than thei...

steven by Rising Star III
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Who chooses the hardware?

How do you deal with pushback from users who want more flexibility on their device or OS choice? Are you strict in the choices you give users, limiting their choices to certain models from a list? Or is it a “you get what you get” environment?Also cu...