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Patch Dashboard - Part 1 Gaining Visibility

Rising Star II
Rising Star II

Hi Folks,

It's me again. I've been working on this side project for quite some time. Recently, I was inspired by @urvashi this project made a huge breakthrough - I'll delve into that later, but first and foremost, a million thanks go to her!

Let’s dive straight in 😀.

Get Started

Download the notebook here


System Requirements

  • Jupyter Notebook with Python's Conda distribution - recommended all-in-one package Anaconda.
  • The Jupyter notebook should work on all desktop OSes.


  • Currently, the Patch Dashboard is only in scope for Windows, MacOS, and Ubuntu Desktop (with UI).
  • The script will compare the patch level information, extracted from the osVersionDetail attribute (thanks Urvashi 😉) with the latest patch level published by the respective OS manufacturer:
  • As the post title suggests, this is V1. I understand there may be aspects I've overlooked, so please feel free to share your comments below. I appreciate your feedback in advance!


A Quick Manual

  • On Jupyter Notebook, go to “kernel”, make sure the Conda kernel is selected.
  • Input the read-only API key as instructed:shawnsong_0-1690877536860.png


  • Run each cell till step 2.
  • On Step 2, fill in a path if you wanted to export the raw data to a CSV file:shawnsong_1-1690877561941.png


  • Run the rest of the cells. 

You should have the dashboards look like these:shawnsong_2-1690877584072.pngshawnsong_3-1690877595497.pngshawnsong_4-1690877610506.png


P.S. If you have exported the CSV in step 2, you can bind these outdated systems to the patch policies (or create "aggressive" patch policies from our templates ) to force a "spring cleaning".

For MacOS, you can also use this method to force an update via the MDM cmd in the case of ultra-emergency 

That’s all for now. I hope you find it useful (and don’t forget to hit the kudos button 👇). Stay tuned for part 2!

[Update 14-08-2023] Part 2 is here.


Iron II
Iron II

Excellent! Glad the community's questions help build stuff like this! 😄 

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