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[Python] Update: ChatGPT JumpCloud Assistant (unofficial / RC1) with a FastAPI bridge on AWS Lightsail

Rising Star II
Rising Star II


This doesn't raise the P(doom) level significant at all, but I hope it's helpful for some of you:

In my previous post about this ChatGPT JumpCloud Assistant I explained fundamentally how it works. 
I made a couple of updates in the meantime and also want to share the docker image with you which you can find here on my GitHub

The most recent version includes some improved and new features. 
Newly added were: 

  • IP Address Lookup (via
  • IP Lookup for Latitude/Longitude
  • Lookup a Google Map based on the IP Address (via Google Maps)
  • Lookup Email Reputation (via EmailRep API;


 You would need to acquire respective API-Keys for this to work and configure them in your environment variables:



In action it looks like this (two examples):




Thanks for reading as always.

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