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JumpCloud and Google Workspace

Iron II
Iron II

IT admins can deliver better results when they have the freedom to make choices. Enterprise-focused, unilaterally-driver solutions prescribed from one vendor aren’t always what’s best for a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME). Fortunately, Google and JumpCloud have partnered to chart a different path for IT management and productivity enablement.

Let’s face it — I’m not the only one who’s strained my eyes trying to decipher Microsoft 365 licensing SKUs. There’s now another option: Google Workspace’s innovative productivity and communications capabilities packaged with JumpCloud’s open directory platform. Directory services, modern authentication, cross-OS device management (and more) are included.

How to modernize can be an impactful decision when SMEs are migrating from Active Directory + Office to more hybrid or cloud managed IT infrastructures. Thankfully, there’s more than one option to consider, and M365 is no longer the default option. There’s now a viable alternative.

I’ve spent time working in Azure AD (AAD) and Intune (even during the past week). It’s not all bad, but features that are add-ons or gated off into various Premium tiers can also be found in JumpCloud. Significantly, they're easily implemented, by even a single admin. AAD requires consultants, training, and special technical knowledge that SMEs can’t always afford. Let’s assume that you invest in training an in-house expert and then that person leaves. Where would that leave you? The same principle applies to MSPs where employee turnover “is a thing”.

This announcement gives IT admins freedom to do what’s best for their organization versus sticking with what they’ve inherited or spending all of their time and budget on Microsoft.

Read the announcement and learn more about the JumpCloud + Google Workspace package by tuning into JumpCloud’s IT Hour on Friday, April 28th at 9:30 am MT. It’s worth tuning in: Google Workspace's Head of ISV Partnerships Seth Siciliano and JumpCloud's Principal Strategist Chase Doelling will discuss the details and benefits of the new collaboration.