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New Discovery - OS Patch Management Policy Report

JumpCloud Employee
JumpCloud Employee

Hey JumpCloud Community. It has been a few weeks since I last posted and I wanted to provide a short update on a new way to discover and run the OS Patch Management Policy report directly from the OS Patch Management Policy page in the admin console.

Background: Back in early August, I posted a blog announcing the Introduction of JumpCloud Reports. In that post, we talked about the main goal of the JumpCloud Data Services team being to augment and enhance the value we provide to our customers through easy, frictionless access to JumpCloud Data. The ability to discover and run a report from multiple locations within the admin console depending upon the task at hand was something that we knew would be valuable. We didn’t want to make admins move away from their current task in order to initiate a report that could provide value. This was our motivation with this addition.

Task to be done: Discover and initiate running an OS Patch Management Policy Status report directly from the OS Patch Management Policy page.

New discovery details: When an admin is on the OS Patch Management Policy tab, they are now presented with a button that enables them to run the OS Patch Management Policy report directly from that location.


The admin can then find the report status and download the report (csv or json) the same way that they do today via the Stored Report Queue under the Reports page in the left navigation.


Nothing else changes to the other ways in which JumpCloud Reports can be initiated or downloaded. Admins can still do this directly from the JumpCloud Reports page itself or via api.

Wrap Up: While not a major announcement, I did want to update the JumpCloud Community on this change. Expect us to add new discoverability like this for the other reports in our inventory. If you have feedback on this change or have ideas on how we can make access to these reports or data in general easier, don’t hesitate to reach out or reply to this post. 

If you want more information on JumpCloud Reports or the OS Patch Management Policy Report, check out our knowledge base articles that are linked. Also, check out our JumpCloud Reports api documentation.