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The keystone piece for macOS OS Patch Management "enable" or "disable" notifications to tailor the policy to your needs

JumpCloud Employee
JumpCloud Employee

JumpCloud's macOS OS Patch Management just got better! With the addition of a single checkbox, administrators can now put macOS OS Patch Management on autopilot and rely solely on the power of JumpCloud deployed MDM commands to automate and enforce macOS major and minor updates.

image (58).png

This keystone setting completes the mission for the macOS OS Patch management policy and unlocks new ability for admins and IT organizations.

So, what exactly can JumpCloud's macOS Patch Management do? Here are some of its key features:

  1. Allow admins to define granular enforcement parameters for updates
  2. Enforce major OS upgrades and minor OS updates
  3. Automatically and silently keep devices up to date even if users ignore or try to delay updates (NEW)
  4. Provide custom notifications to users
  5. Provide a native OS update notification experience to users (NEW)
  6. Make updates available for self-service for end-users
  7. Remove end-users' ability to self-service major and minor updates and rely solely on JumpCloud policy-enforced MDM commands for updates* (NEW)
  8. Update a macOS device to a specific major version not offered to end-users in software updates

With this new checkbox, administrators can now choose to automate and enforce macOS major and minor updates, even if users ignore or try to delay them.

By disabling custom minor update notifications and creating a macOS system preference policy to hide the Software Update preference pane, JumpCloud's macOS Patch Management can take control of the update process, ensuring that all devices are up to date and secure.

This is a momentous moment for the Patch Management team and represents the culmination of countless releases across the past 12 months to get to this finish line! If you haven't tried JumpCloud's macOS OS Patch Management yet, now is the time to do so. Tailor it's feature set to meet your organizations OS update needs!