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Partner Success Interview - CCP Tech

  Introduction In this JumpCloud Partner Success Interview we met with Bill Hammelman, President of CCP Technologies as he discussed specializing in State and Local Governments, Embracing the Hybrid environment and the Role of MSPs in Compliance. A ...

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MSPs in the UK - £52.6 Billion and Growing Strong

I’m sure that you, my dear valued reader, don’t need confirmation of this, but sometimes it’s nice to be recognised by the wider world.  The UK government recently released a report talking about our MSP community and the value we generate for the e...


Is PICNIC still a thing?

I recently wrote a short article for the MSP-X blog. This is the brainchild of a friend of mine Rick Yates and I'd suggest you take a look at it as it promises to be a great resource for MSPs. Anyway, back to my blog - I wrote about something we used...

MSPs and Google Workspace

Hi Everyone, For many years, working for different vendors, I've worked exclusively in Google Workspace. I think it's a great suite of products that lets me get the job done. I know small businesses that use it and large businesses that swear by it. ...


Partner Success Interviews - Q1 2024 Recap

Hi MSP Friends, Just like that we are at the end of the first quarter of 2024 and I thought it would be good to recap the JumpCloud Partner Success Interviews we have published. Umzuzu In this episode I chatted to Tony Sheets of Umzuzu who said if yo...

JumpCloud Partner Podcast

Hi Everyone, We recently launched the JumpCloud Partner Podcast and would love you to take a listen. You can find it at your favorite podcast place or get it at this link. New episodes coming weekly..      


Partner Success Interview - OSA Technology Partners

Hi Everyone, A new JumpCloud Partner Success Interview is live and it was a great one. I chatted to Dustin Leggans of OSA Technology Partners about many things including how JumpCloud helped them embrace BYOD challenges. Check it out.. https://jumpcl...


JumpCloud Partner Success Interviews

We recently launched a new series of MSP Partner Success Interviews. In these interviews we chat with JumpCloud partners new and old about their MSP and how JumpCloud helps them. Check out episode one with Bill Oliver of CVM


Multi-Tenant Portal Feature Roundup - H2 2023

Hello! This is Rob from the MSP Product team and today I am here to share with you an update of some of the work we’ve put out so far in this second half of 2023. While many of the features that JumpCloud releases on a regular basis are critical to ...

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robmcgrath by JumpCloud Employee
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November ’23 JumpShot: MSP Edition

November ’23 JumpShot MSP Edition JumpCloud Go helps to protect your clients from cyberattacks with its integrated, cross-platform, phishing-resistant, hardware-backed authentication for frictionless access to all resources. Self-service account prov...

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JCDavid by Iron II
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October ’23 JumpShot MSP Edition

October ’23 JumpShot MSP Edition   JumpCloud helps you to be more responsive to clients’ requests for the latest from Apple, keeping tabs of expiry events throughout your instance, and integrating new SSO apps. New JumpCloud University learning paths...

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Summer ’23 JumpShot: MSP Edition

New support for multiple Active Directory (AD) domains enables MSPs to do more business with larger clients, whether it’s adopting Cloud RADIUS to extend AD or migrating to JumpCloud. Likewise, we’re delivering greater flexibility for Azure Active Di...

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Kaseya DattoCon EMEA

Last week, I attended Kaseya's flagship European event, Kaseya DattoCon EMEA, in the beautiful city of Dublin. Reflecting on the event, I was thrilled to be back for what I believe was my 15th DattoCon event. It was particularly special as it marked...

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June ’23 JumpShot: MSP Edition

June ’23 JumpShot: MSP Edition   Look no further than JumpCloud for MSPs to expand your business by being vendor agnostic and getting more work done across your tenants through bulk actions. One notable mention: JumpCloud has extended its device mana...

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May ’23 JumpShot: MSP Edition

May ’23 JumpShot: MSP Edition The theme for this edition of JumpShot is: expansion. JumpCloud and Google Workspace are better together with a partnership that allows you to expand your offerings. Read on to learn about how JumpCloud for MSPs is expan...

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JCDavid by Iron II
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Take Action, Rapidly, Across Tenants

You might have missed out announcement highlighting something that's very useful for MSPs: the ability to take actions on users and devices across tenants. MSP technicians see all users through a single pane of glass in the Multi-Tenant Portal (MTP) ...

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JCDavid by Iron II
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PSA Integrations

Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions are critical for MSPs as they serve as the central hub where staff members spend a significant amount of their time. It's crucial that these systems always contain accurate and up-to-date information. ...

April ’23 JumpShot: MSP Edition

April ’23 JumpShot: MSP Edition   MSPs face the universal challenge of maintaining productivity for clients and for their operations. JumpCloud is making it even easier to service users from the beginning of their lifecycle through managing credentia...

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Crossing the Great C-Level Barrier

It's no secret: executives can be the biggest obstacle to security, even when they say it's important. The difference is between what affects employees and what impacts them. I recently had a conversation with the founder of a financial planning firm...

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Fighting Shadow IT is a Client Relations Win

We've published a great eBook that guides MSPs to combat shadow IT.  Shadow IT is software or hardware that circumvents established IT practices and services. Usually, it is the result of employees or teams creating workarounds or using alternative s...

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Implementation Consulting for MSPs

Speaking from personal experience I appreciate that introducing a new product or service into your MSP can be time consuming. The first installation or implementation can be make or break - If it goes well, you may roll out to all of your clients, if...

Tech Tribe - Peer Groups

Hi Everyone, I've written before about the importance of Peer Groups for MSPs. In fact, you can read what I wrote right here Well, last night I was able to attend a small group that was being held local to me. It was a Tech Tribe regional event and I...


Hi, We are seeing an increasing number of news reports about ransomware. They are usually accompanied by a picture of a man in a hoodie with none ransomware related text behind him, you know the sort.Anyway, what I'm asking is - Is this messaging get...