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November ’23 JumpShot: MSP Edition

November ’23 JumpShot MSP Edition JumpCloud Go helps to protect your clients from cyberattacks with its integrated, cross-platform, phishing-resistant, hardware-backed authentication for frictionless access to all resources. Self-service account prov...

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October ’23 JumpShot MSP Edition

October ’23 JumpShot MSP Edition   JumpCloud helps you to be more responsive to clients’ requests for the latest from Apple, keeping tabs of expiry events throughout your instance, and integrating new SSO apps. New JumpCloud University learning paths...

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March ’23 JumpShot: MSP Edition

MSP JumpShot This month's JumpShot featured new authentication, compliance, and administrative capabilities that will help your technicians improve clients’ security and assist with audits. These new features deliver stronger passwords, higher integr...

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