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I would like to use JumpCloud SSO to authentication to AWS QuickSight

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Has anyone had any experience hooking JumpCloud SSO to AWS QuickSight?  We are currently using Azure AD to SSO to QuickSight and it works fine, but managing it is a pain.  It would be much better to manage it in JC along with our other SSO systems.  I looked around a bit for information on this but there doesn't seem to be a lot of information on it.


Rising Star III
Rising Star III

Hi @RNHurt,

JumpCloud provides a SCIM integration with AWS SSO. This guide should help you. Ideally, AWS QuickSight would be just another applet in your JumpCloud User console.

A friend's organization is using QuickSight for BI reporting and really getting a lot out of it. Just out of my own curiosity, how's it working for you?


Hi @JCDavid,

I haven't been doing much with QuickSight beyond configuring it and getting everyone access to it.  I'm not sure we're using it to it's fullest extent.  I think QS requires quite a bit of attention and care to really utilize it properly.  Hopefully we'll expand our use in the near future though.

- Richard