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What is the best solution for deploying apps for "windows os"

Novitiate I

Hello All,

I want to deploy windows pc manager from Microsoft store to my clients.

anyone can offer me help with this what is the best way to do it and how?

I want to do it with Jumpcloud of course.


Novitiate I

Hello @Itamar 🤗

Here are some steps to deploy windows PC manager from the microsoft store to your clients using jump cloud.

  • Install windows PC manager from the microsoft store automatically by using a python script.
  • Go to policy Instructions in jump cloud and create a new command for running your python script.
  • Give this command to the relevant user groups.
  • Make sure the software is installed successfully on every device by using jump cloud reporting features to maintain updated on the deployment process.

Novitiate I

Hello Bronwyn,

Do you know where I can do python script for that?